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Duncraft Convertible...

Duncraft Convertible Roost House

…survive bitter winter nights! Cold, windy nights threaten birds’ survival, robbing them of energy and calories. Help them keep warm! Our roosting box provides a draft-free shelter where birds can gather together to escape wet and cold conditions. Roosting boxes are different from nesting boxes because the…

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Downy Woodpecker...

Downy Woodpecker House

…smallest woodpecker, the Downy is a backyard favorite! They are friendly little birds that enjoy being around people. Since Downys tend to use nest boxes in the winter as roosts to escape the cold, one might want to put up a house in the fall. Comes standard with slate squirrel guard and wood chips. Made…

Item: 1755V

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Three Woodpecker...

Three Woodpecker House

This nesting box is suitable for three woodpecker species!Only a few varieties of woodpeckers will live in a man-made box, but the Hairy, Red-headed and Red-bellied Woodpeckers regularly do so. This house comes with wood chips and a slate predator guard to keep squirrels from enlarging the entrance…

Item: 1756V

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