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EZ View Window Suet...

EZ View Window Suet Feeder

…right to your window!Suet is a powerful attractant that birds can't resist. Now you can feed it right at your window. Woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches, titmice and more love suet and it's great to feed year round. Our Window Suet Feeder has two baskets and can be placed on the window in a number of…

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Price: $24.95
Window Copper Top...

Window Copper Top Suet Feeder

window feeder Simple and elegant you’re just seconds away from suet or seed block feeding! Open top, insert one cake and attach to your window with the suction cups. Metal cage resists squirrel damage. Accented with a beautiful shiny copper roof for weather protection. Plastic panel inside the suet

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Price: $16.95
Sheltered Window...

Sheltered Window Suet Feeder

window suet feeder! You requested a window suet feeder—and we listened. We couldn’t believe the bird activity we saw when we tested this feeder! Birds are instantly attracted to suet at any time of year, but it’s especially important for bird health in winter. Our petite suet feeder holds one suet

Item: 4219

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Price: $29.95
Window Suet Shield...

Window Suet Shield Blocker Feeder

…personal viewing All you need is an available window. This window suet feeder features our exclusive Suet Shield insert a high quality stainless steel mesh insert that restricts large birds and squirrels from stealing big chunks of suet—making your suet cakes last up to six times longer. Access is restricted…

Item: 4475

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Price: $17.95
Touch Free Window...

Touch Free Window Suet Feeder

…with the birds when you watch them eat from your window. Unwrap suet and slide into this window platform suet feeder. Suet stays in place, thanks to the clear plastic clips that rotate 360 degrees.Large suction cups secure the feeder to the window. UV stabilized plastic extends at a 90 degree angle…

Item: 4456

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Price: $24.95
Window Suet Ball...

Window Suet Ball Feeder

…easy access to fresh, covered suetFeed your bevy of backyard birds up close with a lightweight window feeder! Holds three standard-sized suet balls. Insert suction cups into holders and attach to window. Turn hook to lift roof.Features a black weather-resistant finish. 2-3/4 x 7 inches.

Item: 07431

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Price: $12.95
Water Shed Window...

Water Shed Window Feeder

…small open window feeder attracts big action from large and small birds! Features a rust-proof perforated aluminum bottom for excellent drainage. Clear view front keeps your window clean and seed or suet from spilling. Clearview plastic guard extends down at a 90 degree angle against the window for further…

Item: 4439

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Price: $24.95
Picture Window...

Picture Window Feeder

Reserve yourself a seat when you serve a feast to the birdsOffer suet pellets, orange slices, and mixed seed in this large, three-compartment window feeder. Middle compartment features two clear clips that swivel to keep the suet in place. Eco-friendly white recycled plastic keeps the compartments separate…

Item: 4465

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Price: $54.95
Duncraft Extreme...

Duncraft Extreme Window Feeder

…Classic feeder has lots of floor space and perching room around the edge to accommodate many birds at one time. Constructed of crystal clear acrylic so your view is unobstructed. This big window feeder has room to feed a variety of foods including seeds, fruit, suet pellets or a even a whole suet cake.…

Item: 4254

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Price: $39.95
12" Window Awning...

12" Window Awning Feeder

…obstruct your view. The large tray is 1-1/2 inches deep and lets you feed a variety of foods--seeds, suet, fruit, suet pellets or nuggets. Attaches to your window with four strong suction cups. Feeder measures 12 inches wide, 9 inches deep and 9 inches high.

Item: 4271

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Price: $44.95
8" Window Awning...

8" Window Awning Feeder

…weather. Birds enter the feeder through either side, the overhead awning keeps out rain and snow. Crystal clear acrylic won't obstruct your view of beautiful birds. The tray has 1-1/2 inch high sides, so you can feed seeds, fruit, suet or suet pellets. Attaches to the window with four strong suction…

Item: 4270

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Price: $39.95
Open Air Window...

Open Air Window Platform Feeder

…platform brings birds to your window!Enjoy your birds from any window in the house. Great for over a kitchen sink, at the breakfast nook or near your favorite chair.Platform feeders are so versatile! Fill the feeder with the foods your birds love--seed blends, fruit, suet cakes, pellets or nuggets. A…

Item: 4255

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Price: $32.95
Clearview Window...

Clearview Window Feeder

…longest window feeder, get a super clear view of your birds!Nothing distracts your view with this crystal clear, extra large window feeder. Birds enter the feeder through the front or through two side entry holes with perches. Fill with any seed or seed mix. You can even offer roasted mealworms, suet nuggets…

Item: 4243

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Price: $69.95
Window Easy Serve...

Window Easy Serve Feeder

…this cup—jelly, fruit, seed, suet pellets, or mealworms. The plastic guard reveals a clear view of both large and small birds! Plus, the guard extends at a 90 degree angle against the window for extra stability.Two large suction cups secure the small feeder to the window. Made in the USA from eco-friendly…

Item: 4452

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Price: $15.95
Duncraft Teeter...

Duncraft Teeter Window Feeder

…"Teeter Totter" feeder has two plastic dishes for mealworms, suet pellets, seeds, peanut butter or even grape jelly for orioles. Made with durable, recycled plastic, the clear plastic dishes are removable for easy cleaning either in the sink or dishwasher. Attaches to your window with two strong suction…

Item: 4228

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Price: $39.95 Sale: $29.95
Duncraft Window...

Duncraft Window Nester & Feeder

…to have around because they eat so many bugs!This window nester makes a great choice for a nesting spot—especially when birds decide to settle in an inconvenient place, like your air conditioner or porch! Place on a quiet, eastern facing window, so the birds will enjoy the warmth in the morning and…

Item: 4429D

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Price: $39.95
Suet Jar House...

Suet Jar House Feeder

…anywhere you want, it's so easy!Hang this handy feeding station on any flat surface like a tree, near a window, or mount to an existing post. Diamond shaped house holds unique feeding jars of seed and suet, jars are sold separately. Includes pre-drilled holes and screws for easy mounting. House 5-1/2 x 5…

Item: FB249

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Price: $9.95
Winner Window Feeder

Winner Window Feeder

…if you only want small birds. Transparent polycarbonate is UV stabilized to remain crystal clear. Fill with your favorite seed, mealworms, fruit or suet. Lifts off the suction cup bar for easy filling and cleaning. Holds 1/2 lb. Manufacturer's Lifetime Guarantee. 8 x 6-1/4 x 8 inches.

Item: 2659

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Price: $36.95
Duncraft Window...

Duncraft Window Chalet

Window feeders are great for bringing birds up close. Our Window Chalet is constructed entirely of crystal-clear plastic and won’t obstruct a single detail! Large enough to feed a variety of foods, including seeds, suet, fruit, or Miracle Meal—all the foods your birds love! Attaches to any window

Item: 757

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Price: $34.95 Sale: $24.95
Mini Seeds N More...

Mini Seeds N More Feeder

Hopper feeder with built-in suet baskets Feed your birds two important staple foods with one convenient feeder. The hopper dispenses any bird seed or blend. The top locks down securely and you can monitor the seed level through clear, plastic windows. Each suet basket holds a standard suet cake and opens…

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Price: $39.95

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