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Duncraft Squirrel… Duncraft Squirrel…
…love this see-through, squirrel-proof feeder! The roof tilts steeply when a squirrel steps on, sending them slip-sliding towards the ground. The steep angle completely prevents squirrels from accessing the seed.Holds 3 lbs. Made from weatherproof UV stabilized polycarbonate with brass-plated…
Time Extending… Time Extending…
There’s no feeder like it! Made by hand from durable, weatherproof stoneware coated with lead free, blue glaze, this feeder is designed to dispense costly mealworms slowly, keeping bluebirds around longer. All you do is put 1/4 cup of live mealworms in the cup and pop it in the fridge for a bit to…
Price:$69.95 Sale:$49.95
Pippin Suet Feeder Pippin Suet Feeder
…suet feeder, the Pippin Suet Feeder had us laughing out loud. With a cache for peanuts, a place for corn or fruit slices, & plenty of room for suet, this feeder was taken for a spin by Blue Jays, Chickadees and Woodpeckers. A work out for all! Approximately 14" in height, weatherproof Red Stoneware.
Price:$59.95 Sale:$39.95
Upside Down Suet… Upside Down Suet…
Underneath suet-feeding is weatherproof! Lift the top and drop in two suet cakes. The snug-fitting roof keeps moisture at bay so your suet stays dry and mold-free. Birds feed by clinging to the mesh underneath the feeder—large birds and squirrels can’t manage this upside down position and soon give…