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Catch spilled seed before it hits the ground! This extra-large tray is a 'tool' of good housekeeping in the backyard! Simply clamp it to your 1 inch pole under your feeder, and it will help in a big way to keep the ground free of seed and hulls! It also gives birds another great spot to dine.…
…has a metal bottom tray to catch stray seed, so your deck and patio stay clean. Metal roof, seed ports and castings make this feeder exceptionally durable and the outer caging offers a remarkable amount of perching room. Holds approximately 1-1/2 pounds of any seed or seed blend. Dimensions are…
Price:$79.95 Sale:$69.95
…and feed any seed or mix. Flip them in the other direction and feed Nyjer or Fancy Finch Mix.Three tubes contain 9 feeding ports and are surrounded in metal for chew resistance. Large overhead squirrel baffle keeps squirrels from approaching from above. Lower seed tray catches stray seeds and hulls.…
seeds or hearts on the top! Attract beautiful goldfinches, redpolls, house finches and pine siskin with Nyjer seed on the bottom half. Clinging birds such as nuthatches, chickadees and titmice easily feed on the sunflower seeds at the top. Each "deck" is equipped with a built-in seed tray to catch
…the Magnum in order to feed on their beloved Nyjer seed . Up to 5 lbs. of the tiny seed can be held inside, while the seed tray at the bottom catches any excess seed and attracts even more finches to feed. An overhanging roof protects the seed from the elements. This feeder has a diameter of 8-1/2…
…and enhance every backyard birding station. Changes from seed to finch feeder by installing included portals, 6 blue ports for sunflower or mixed seed, and 6 yellow ports for feeding nyjer seed. Removable catch tray helps keep dropped seeds off ground. Holds 2-1/2 quarts, 6-1/4 x 18 inches tall.…
Price:$21.95 Sale:$16.95
Attract more bird traffic with 2-in-1 seed tray and catchNot every catch tray is a bird feeder and not every bird feeder has a seed catch tray. However, there’s a new 2-in-1 product on the block with the goal of wasting less seed, while making the seed available to more birds--of all sizes--for more…
…taste and stay away! Holds whole sunflower hearts also. All-metal construction with a seed diverter that prevents seeds from clumping at the bottom. Metal roof keeps seed dry and the bottom tray catches stray seeds. Green, includes a hanging cable, holds about 2-1/4 lbs., 10-1/2 inch hanging rod,…
Seeds, proven to be the most popular kind of seed with the average bird. While it only holds 3/4 lbs. of seed, birds will keep flocking to the decorative and functional design because of the food inside, as well as the ample perching space on the metal screens. The seed tray catches excess seed and…
Price:$14.95 Sale:$11.95
…nice touch, too.Birds can feast on up to 3-1/2 lbs. of any mixed seed through any of the four feeding ports. The tray catches spilled seed, so that gets eaten, too, while the clear polycarbonate tube makes it easy to monitor the seed levels. Lift lid to refill.Features built-in perch and drainage.…
…your bird sanctuaryA mixed seed feeder that is as beautiful as it is well constructed. Made of hammered steel, this copper colored, 2 lb. mixed seed feeder will be a focal point in any yard and blend with any decor. Built with a catch tray to help minimize the waste of seed. Plastic, metal 18 inches…
…feeding ports, giving you a feast of color to watch each day. Sturdy 11 inch metal tray with built-in drainage holes catches seed at the base and supplies extra perching space. Includes hanging hook. Holds 12 pounds of seed. Generous 15-3/8 inch green dome keeps seed and diners dry. 13 inches tall.
…sunflower seeds or hearts while larger birds use the metal perches on the mixed seed tube. There's even a Nyjer tube for those tiny seeds that finches love. All this, plus a deep, metal tray that catches stray seeds and provides additional perching room! All metal roof helps to keep seed protected…
…sunflower seed, shelled peanuts or whole grapes. Diamond-shaped openings make it easy for birds to access the food.Let's take a closer look at how much food this feeder can hold: two suet cakes, two apple or orange halves, four clear dishes for treats, two 1-1/2 lb. capacity feeding silos with catch