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…the taste of hot pepper and the smell irritates their noses. Birds, however, have a poor sense of smell and aren’t bothered by it.Our Hot Pepper Delight cakes are loaded with red chili peppers to keep the squirrels away, plus roasted peanuts, assorted grains and rendered beef suet to entice your…
Pepper Delight No-Melt Plugs have a higher grain content, so they won't melt in hot summer sun. Can be offered even in temperatures over 85 degrees with no dripping. And hot pepper deters squirrels--they hate the taste and smell! These plugs are a hearty mix of rendered beef suet, red chili peppers,
Squirrels eating your suet, try this...the birds love it, the squirrels hate itNo-melt suet logs are made with dried chile peppers. Birds love it, just like our other suet blends! Ingredients: rendered beef suet, red chile peppers, roasted peanuts, corn and oats. Package includes four 3 oz. logs.2…
…Share the joy of backyard birding with an ultra durable recycled plastic suet feeder. Comes with one package of Hot Pepper Suet Plugs. 14-3/4 x 15-1/4 x 3 inches. Made in the USA. 1 suet plug capacity, includes a package of suet plugs A fun feeder for beginner bird lovers 4 weather-resistant metal…
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