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bird feeder Abundant wraparound perching room Lift top panel to clean and refill Perforated, powder coated metal flooring for excellent drainage Removable bottom for easy cleaning Anodized aluminum roof hinge Zinc chromate screws Constructed from reforested, kiln-dried inland red cedar May be pole
…Lift one side of the hinged roof to clean and refill. Recycled plastic platform wraps around the feeder for additional perching space, while perforated aluminum flooring aerates seed.Post mount, pole sold separately. Brown and green recycled plastic. 12-1/2 x 11-1/2 x 13-1/2 inches. Made in the USA.…
…durable, black powder-coat finish, and is perfect for mounting larger, wooden or recycled plastic bird feeders or houses. Will accommodate 3/4 to 1 inch diameter poles. Thumb screw secures flange plate to pole. Easily removed for cleaning of feeders. Zinc plated screws included. Flat rectangular…
birds you want to feed. The Original Absolute offers single-sided dining and holds up to 10 pounds of seed. The roof lifts for easy filling and locks down securely. Includes a steel hanging rod for hanging, and a 5 foot sectional post with metal mounting bracket and ground socket for pole mounting.
Price:$89.95 Sale:$79.95
…covers the seed supply—keeping your seed safe for the birds. All-steel construction. Hang it, pole mount it or the roof can be permanently attached to a tree or post. Hopper removes from the roof for cleaning and filling. 1 – 1-1/4 inch pole not included. Holds 11 pounds of seed. Dimensions are…
feeder holds a lot of food, too. You can last several days longer between refills. In the meantime, you’ll spend more time watching your birds. There is no better rewards program.Sit back and enjoy the view of all your vibrantly colored backyard birds. Includes 5-piece sectional pole and mounting
All-in-one squirrel proof bird feeding! An extra-wide feeding tray does double duty--it's 18-1/2 inches across and acts as a pole mounted squirrel baffle, while giving your birds an expansive area to perch and feed. The tray has drainage holes--water won't collect so the seed stays dry. You can…
…small birds with our ever-popular squirrel-proof tube feeder, combined with a no-waste seed catch tray and 5-piece sectional pole for convenient placement anywhere in your yard. Feeding system includes 72 inch tall 5-piece sectional pole and measures 90-1/2 inches tall total. Caged feeder measures…
…a suet feeder to any 1 inch diameter pole in seconds! Here's a simple, space saving way to offer suet--a cold weather favorite food. Our versatile suet basket clips to any 1 inch diameter pole. It can also be mounted on any wood bird feeder, post, tree or flat surface. Mounting screws included.…
…to fall through. The smoke colored shelter dome acts as protection against weather elements. Easy to clean which helps maintain the health of the birds. The included spring clamp holds the dome securely against the cage. Threaded base to pole mount, pole sold separately. Measures 15 x 10-1/2 inches.
…that repels squirrels, yet birds don’t feel a thing. There’s no harm done to the squirrels, but they learn quickly to stay away! The Wildbill's Feeder includes extra-large seed hopper with three different sections to hold three types of seed. Hang or pole mount, pole not included. Capacity is…
The birds just love this sturdy feeder. This feeder's tight mesh is just right for Nyjer seed and goldfinches. Constructed of stainless steel mesh with a handsome, brushed nickel finish. Die-cast top and bottom. Includes hanger or can be pole-mounted. Holds 2-1/2 lbs. of Nyjer seed. 13 x 3-1/4…
…tube feeder holds up to 2-1/2 lbs. of mixed seed, sunflower seed, or white millet.The clear dome keeps seed dry, so you can replace it a little less often, yet gives you a clear view of the birds. A spring clip holds the roof in place. The threaded base allows this feeder to be pole mounted. Remove…
Mount your Absolute Feeder to a post or pole!Made for Heritage Farms metal bird feeders. It attaches easily to the bottom of their metal or wooden feeders. Mounts to 4 x 4 posts or up to 2 inch diameter pole or fence post. Supports up to 40 lbs.Powder coated rust-resistant finish. Hardware and…
Pole baffle suitable for your Sky Café A “must-have” if you pole mount your Sky Café Feeder. This unique baffle wraps and snaps onto the tray of your Sky Café Feeder, preventing squirrels from climbing the pole and accessing the bird seed. Your feeder is protected above by the feeder's large…
…a key to attracting birds. An internal seed baffle design directs seed to the ports so that the feeder empties completely without accumulating leftovers. Simple to clean and fill. Built in drainage slots to keep seed dry and fresh. Hang from metal hanger or pole mount (pole not included). Droll…
…and sheltering your birds from rain or snow. Built to last a lifetime of durable recycled plastic--a material that won't fade, crack, chip or warp. And it's non-porous, so it's super-easy to clean. Measures 12 x 13 x 8-1/2 inches tall. Includes 72 inch sectional pole for mounting. Made in the USA.
Mounting your birdhouse or bird feeder is so simple! Fast and easy installation for any wooden bottom-mounted unit. Secure your feeder or house to the flat mount metal 3 x 5 inch mounting plate, attached to a heavy duty 2-piece steel 1-1/2 inch shaft pole. Flanged bottom pole needs to be place in…
Platform feeders attract a wide variety of birds, including cardinals and othersThis weather-resistant bird feeder is constructed from up to 90% post-consumer plastic. Recycled plastic is more hygienic because it can’t collect bacteria, which means the food offered on this feeder stays cleaner.Serve…
…your birds from rain, snow or hot sun. Includes heavy duty pole, which holds up to 35 pounds. The pole comes with a strong metal 3-1/4 x 5-1/2" mounting bracket that's easy to attach to the pre-drilled holes in the feeder. A flanged ground socket secures the pole firmly in the soil. Sectional pole
…for birds to feed. Seed diverts inside the hopper keeping seed flowing onto the tray. Made of 100% recycled material. Tan & hammered copper color. Holds 5 lbs. of any pure seed or mix and two suet cakes. Top lifts up for filling. Can be hung on the 6 inch wire cable or pole mounted on a 1 inch pole.
…material lasts for years. Side-panels open at the bottom to dispense the seed onto the tray. The clear plastic lets you monitor the seed level. Comes with wire hanger attached, and a 72 inch sectional pole for pole mounting. Poly-lumber green and brown, holds 3-1/2 lbs. and is 10 x 11 x 10 inches.
…blends, so you can attract the greatest variety of birds! Crafted of heavy-duty, galvanized steel with a removable triple compartment bin. Birds feed from the metal perches. Holds 11-1/2 pounds. Hang from included S-hook, can be pole mounted (pole not included). Measures 16-1/2 x 14-1/4 x 10 inches.
Price:$49.95 Sale:$39.95
…value--3 feeders in 1 Hang it! Post-mount it! Or use as a ground feeder. 100% chew proof steel. Comes with hanger, and a 14 inch metal rod for lifting platform up from ground. Built-in socket accommodates your own 1 inch diameter pole. Seed saving grid lifts out easily. Holds 2-3 lbs of any bird
…dark brown recycled plastic with 72 inch tall pole, before insertion into the ground. 8-1/4 x 18 x 12-1/4 inches. Made in the USA. 4 lb. capacity Versatile 2-in-1 hopper & platform feeder 2 removable metal mesh floorings for easy cleaning Ready to mount with 5-piece sectional pole Made in the USA
…cardinals!This feeder is squirrel-resistant and is therefore bound to make your birding more enjoyable! Enjoy your backyard birds when they feed from any of four perches.Holds 1 lb. mixed or black oil sunflower seed. Lift cover to clean and refill. Mount on 3/4 inch threaded pole. Includes 4-1/2…
…of birds from a single feeder without having to refill it all the time. Serve four different seeds in these compartments, which hold up to 5-1/2 lbs. total. Each station features two feeding ports, while the wide 16 inch roof offers excellent weather protection. Includes metal hanger. May be pole
…built to last The strongest American made tubular bird feeder pole. Heavy-duty pole has almost twice the wall thickness than standard poles. Three sectional pieces that fit together. Top opening is 1 inch in diameter and works with most top mounting hardware (not included). Powder-coated with an…
…hanging Sky Café feeder and replace it with this stretchable cord. It keeps the squirrel-proof hood securely attached to the Sky Café’s hopper and locks on top with a cord lock—squirrels can’t lift the hood and get to the bird seed! Now your Sky Café can be mounted to any 1-inch pole, and the hood…
…squirrel proof feeder in a rich, new burgundy color. The feeder’s spring-operated perch closes down when a squirrel jumps on, shutting off the seed supply. Adjustable to keep off large birds too. Fill with any pure seed or mix. Comes with a hanger and pole mount bracket (pole sold separately).…
…Jumbo Crossover Tube Feeder is constructed of durable polycarbonate plastic. The new open tube design allows maximum seed capacity. With a built-in pole socket, it is easily mounted to any 1" diameter pole. The wide design of the perches allows birds to face the feeder for a more comfortable…
Price:$21.95 Sale:$16.95
…or bird feeder. Simply attach the T-post mounting plate to the bottom of your feeder or house and then slide the mounting plate over any T-post--those metal posts with tabs that are used for wire or deer fencing. T-posts are an inexpensive, durable alternative to regular 1" round, sectional poles.
Everything you need to put up your bottom-mounted feeder or bird house. Our three-piece pole kit includes a flanged ground socket, and an optional mounting bracket. Steel pole is 1 inch in diameter and has a rust-resistant green finish. Stands 60 inches tall above ground. Holds 20 lbs.
…for your bird feedersThe deep green, weather-resistant, powder coated finish pole works in any yard. A flanged ground socket makes installation easy. Each unit comes with a 1 inch diameter green pole with an optional mounting plate for bottom-mounted feeders or birdhouses. Hang your feeder, up to 15…
Mount your feeder and houses in a snap!Heavy duty flange has a durable, black powder coated finish, and is perfect for mounting mid size and small, wooden or recycled plastic bird feeders or houses. Fits over 3/4 inch to 1 inch diameter poles. Thumb screw secures flange plate to pole. Easily removed…
…platform feeders attract a wide variety of birds--and you can serve a wide variety of foods. Offer seeds, suet, fruit or even small containers of grape jelly for your orioles. Our platform comes with a heavy duty pole that includes a twister ground socket and a mounting plate to keep the feeder
Price:$179.95 Sale:$139.95
Mount your birdhouse or bird feeder simply! Fast and easy installation for any wooden bottom-mounted unit. Secure your feeder or house to the metal mounting plate, step on the ground stake and secure it into the ground. Black, pole measures 70 inches from the top of base plate. Made with 1/2 inch…
pole mounted bird feederA favorite of our Customer Service Team, this baffle is a must-have squirrel-proof accessory. Designed specifically for use with any pole mounted bird house or bird feeder, this large baffle fits on all 1 inch round poles.Layer the rubber grommet and baffle below any pole
…deep. Use the tray to offer your birds seeds, pieces of fruit or any other foods your birds love. You can rear mount the tray to a fencepost, 4 x 4 or other vertical surface. Or you can bottom mount the feeder to a metal pole. We suggest our #0703 sectional pole that comes with an appropriate…
Price:$49.95 Sale:$39.95
…you put on it—peanut butter, jelly, fruit, seeds, suet or mealworms. Platform feeders attract the greatest variety of birds because you can offer the greatest variety of foods. Red plastic, pole mount or hang, hanger included, pole sold separately. Feeder is 11-1/2 x 8-1/2 and 1-1/2 inches deep.
…beyond the resting areas to give the birds more perching room. Made from blue recycled plastic. Available as hanging or pole mount, make your selection above. Feeder measures 11-1/2 x 7 x 7-1/4 inches. Made in the USA. Up to 2 cup capacity Easy to fill feeder for bluebird lovers Bluebirds & small…
…on the ground, tip feeder at a slight angle and pour in black oil sunflower seed, whole sunflower hearts or mixed seed. Made from durable green recycled plastic with a clearview plastic roof and our universal 72 inch tall sectional pole for the best views of your beautiful birds! 12 x 12 x 10-3/4…
Sturdy feeder stands steadfast in your yard all year longBased on original woodwork by a master craftsman and hand-cast in metal, this alluring pole-mounted feeder has a gentle butterfly balanced on the wide rim. Attract chickadees, finches, nuthatches, redpolls, titmice and other beautiful birds
…hooks – instead, it includes a plastic wood mounting plate for a feeder, or a bird house to be mounted securely right on top of the pole. Feeder or house must be wider than the 4 x 4 inch top opening to secure the mounting plate in place. Thanks to the pole’s exclusive, easy-to-maintain, heavy-duty…
Price:$149.95 Sale:$129.95
The feeder that draws hummingbirds like a magnet!The most advanced feeder around! It is easy to fill and dishwasher safe. The translucent red draws birds naturally and the six feeding ports, each with its own perch, supply lots of room. Constructed from a high impact polycarbonate, the Hummerfest is…
…station to any 1 inch pole, since it’s as easy as ABC. Comes with two clips for secure mounting. 5-1/4 x 1-1/4 x 7 inches. Made in the USA. Holds 1 suet cake Compact suet feeding station goes anywhere Secure clips let you mount to any 1 inch pole Easy to refill & ready to mount Made in the USA
Attract orioles with fresh fruit and sweet nectar!Enjoy watching orioles stay longer at your feeder! Extended perches accommodate orioles’ longer bodies with a bird-attracting orange cover. Monitor nectar levels through the clear, leak-resistant plastic dish. Includes metal hanging hook for hanging…
…moisture to drain, keeping seed dry and fresh. 2 lb. capacity for fewer refills. Eco-Friendly way to feed the birds with black recycled plastic top and bottom. May also be pole mounted, pole sold separately. 6 x 18 inches, tube is 3-1/4 inches wide. 4 feeding ports with perches Roof locks with…