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Heavy Duty Feeder...

Heavy Duty Feeder Post & Hanger

…multipurpose feeder post built for strength and durability This heavy duty post will not only give you places to hang two bird feeders, bird houses, or flower baskets but also give you a third spot to mount a bird feeder or bird house. Comes with two hanging hooks located 10 inches from the center pole on the…

Item: Q11803

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Price: $99.95
Flat Mounting Plate

Flat Mounting Plate

…durable, black powder-coat finish, and is perfect for mounting larger, wooden or recycled plastic bird feeders or houses. Will accommodate 3/4 to 1 inch diameter poles. Thumb screw secures flange plate to pole. Easily removed for cleaning of feeders. Zinc plated screws included. Flat rectangular shape…


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Price: $9.95
Post Platform Feeder...

Post Platform Feeder with Roof

Mounting pole included for quick and easy set-up! Built to last a lifetime, Duncraft's Eco Post Platform Feeder is solidly constructed of durable, recycled plastic--a material that won't fade, crack, chip or warp. And it's non-porous, so it's super-easy to clean. You'll love this feeder's versatility…

Item: 4316

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Price: $109.95
Eco-Strong Hopper &...

Eco-Strong Hopper & Pole

birds. This hanging feeder is made with impervious, Eco-friendly recycled plastic—non-porous and hygienic. Side-panels open at the bottom to dispense the seed onto the tray. The clear plastic lets you monitor the seed level. Comes with wire hanger attached, and a 72 inch sectional pole for pole mounting.…

Item: 4249

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Price: $89.95
T-Post Mounting...

T-Post Mounting Plate

Mount your bird house on a T-post!Made for bottom-mounting a bird house or bird feeder. Simply attach the T-post mounting plate to the bottom of your feeder or house and then slide the mounting plate over any T-post--those metal posts with tabs that are used for wire or deer fencing. T-posts are an inexpensive…

Item: S6014

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Price: $7.95
60" Bird Feeder Pole...

60" Bird Feeder Pole Kit

Everything you need to put up your bottom-mounted feeder or bird house. Our three-piece pole kit includes a flanged ground socket, and an optional mounting bracket. Steel pole is 1 inch in diameter and has a rust-resistant green finish. Stands 60 inches tall above ground. Holds 20 lbs.

Item: 38016

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Price: $24.95
3 In 1 Platform...

3 In 1 Platform Feeder

…-- 3 feeders in 1 Hang it! Post-mount it! Or use as a ground feeder. 100% chew proof steel. Comes with hanger, and a 14 inch metal rod for lifting platform up from ground. Built-in socket accommodates your own 1 inch diameter pole. Seed saving grid lifts out easily. Holds 2-3 lbs of any bird food. 16…

Item: 2738

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Price: $49.95
Masterpiece 4 x 4...

Masterpiece 4 x 4 Mounting Post

…x 4 post mounting station is perfect for areas where you might be really squeezed for horizontal space. It has a unique design with no arms or hooks – instead, it includes a plastic wood mounting plate for a feeder, or a bird house to be mounted securely right on top of the pole. Feeder or house must…

Item: Q4283

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Price: $119.95
66" or 96" Pole with...

66" or 96" Pole with 3 x 5 Plate

Mounting your birdhouse or bird feeder is so simple! Fast and easy installation for any wooden bottom-mounted unit. Secure your feeder or house to the flat mount metal 3 x 5 inch mounting plate, attached to a heavy duty 2-piece steel 1-1/2 inch shaft pole. Flanged bottom pole needs to be place in ground…

Item: PP-96

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Price: $39.95
Original Absolute...

Original Absolute Bird Feeder

…light, medium or heavy birds on the perch. No matter what the adjustment, the Absolute will always block out squirrels. Depending on your settings, birds of a certain weight will also trip the perch. A chart of bird weights comes with the feeder, so you can choose the size birds you want to feed. The…

Item: 7527

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Price: $89.95 Sale: $79.95
White Northern...

White Northern Nights Feeder

Metal feeder is rugged This feeder is chew proof with a durable rustproof finish. Features a unique northern lights cutout design on both sides, clear view to the seed on the other two sides. The large roof help protect birds from rain and snow. Can be hung from a hook or pole mounted (pole not included…

Item: 50213W

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Price: $49.95
Tree Bird Feeding...

Tree Bird Feeding Station

Stable, squirrel-proof bird feeding stationThe deep green, weather-resistant, powder coated finish works in any yard. Each unit comes with a 1 inch diameter green pole with an optional mounting plate for bottom-mounted feeders or birdhouses. Hang a feeder, up to 15 pounds, on each of the three snap…

Item: TREE1

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Price: $99.95
Platform Feeder

Platform Feeder

birds! Our platform feeder has curved, wrought-iron, roof-supports and a durable powder-coated mesh screen floor to provide excellent drainage, keeping feed dry and fresh. The open design makes adding feed simple, and the screen slides out of the feeder for quick, convenient cleaning. Pole mount, pole

Item: 5399

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Price: $79.95
12 Port Wildbills...

12 Port Wildbills Feeder

…that repels squirrels, yet birds don’t feel a thing. There’s no harm done to the squirrels, but they learn quickly to stay away! The Wildbill's Feeder includes extra-large seed hopper with three different sections to hold three types of seed. Hang or pole mount, pole not included. Capacity is approximately…

Item: 030212

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Price: $199.95
No No Finch Feeder

No No Finch Feeder

…bottom tray collects stray seed and provides room for perching birds. Nyjer seed or Fancy Finch mix only. Holds 2 lbs. Removable green metal trays, black metal mesh, 7-1/4 x 18-1/2 inches. Hang with the 1-1/2 inch loop or mount on a 3/4 inch pole (not supplied).

Item: 2761

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Price: $49.95
Super Stop A...

Super Stop A Squirrel Feeder

…covers the seed supply—keeping your seed safe for the birds. All-steel construction. Hang it, pole mount it or the roof can be permanently attached to a tree or post. Hopper removes from the roof for cleaning and filling. 1 – 1-1/4 inch pole not included. Holds 11 pounds of seed. Dimensions are 9…

Item: 810

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Price: $49.95
Birder's Choice...

Birder's Choice Feeder

…-preferred, squirrel proof feeder in a rich, new burgundy color. The feeder’s spring-operated perch closes down when a squirrel jumps on, shutting off the seed supply. Adjustable to keep off large birds too. Fill with any pure seed or mix. Comes with a hanger and pole mount bracket (pole sold separately). All…

Item: 7512

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Price: $49.95
Duncraft Pole Mount...

Duncraft Pole Mount Trio Set

A set of 3 pole mount add-ons for a variety of birds! A variety of birds can dine on their own colorful pole-mount feeders that you can fill up with roasted mealworms, fruit, jelly, Miracle Meals or any other tasty treats you can think of. Simply slide the base onto an existing pole in your yard and…

Item: 4200SET

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Price: $37.95
Feeder Post & Hanger

Feeder Post & Hanger

A multipurpose feeder post This post will give you a place to hang two light-weight bird feeders as well as a third spot to mount a bird feeder or bird house. Comes with two hanging hooks located 8 inches from the center pole on the 14 inch hanging arms, making them perfect for any hanging items with…

Item: Q11805

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Price: $64.95
Droll Yankees...

Droll Yankees Universal Seed Tray

…housekeeping in the backyard! Simply clamp it to your 1 inch pole under your feeder, and it will help in a big way to keep the ground free of seed and hulls! It also gives birds another great spot to dine. Includes drainage holes and mounting clamp. Clear polycarbonate, 13 inch diameter. Holds 1 1/2 lbs…

Item: 2666

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Price: $24.95
Aspects Nyjer® Mesh...

Aspects Nyjer® Mesh Feeder

The birds just love this sturdy feeder. This feeder's tight mesh is just right for Nyjer seed and goldfinches. Constructed of stainless steel mesh with a handsome, brushed nickel finish. Die-cast top and bottom. Includes hanger or can be pole-mounted. Holds 2-1/2 lbs. of Nyjer seed. 13 x 3-1/4 inches…

Item: 1752

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Price: $39.95
Birdhouse & Feeder...

Birdhouse & Feeder Pole

Mount your birdhouse or bird feeder simply! Fast and easy installation for any wooden bottom-mounted unit. Secure your feeder or house to the metal mounting plate, step on the ground stake and secure it into the ground. Black, pole measures 70 inches from the top of base plate. Made with 1/2 inch square…

Item: BFC-70

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Price: $32.95
Pine Wood Gazebo...

Pine Wood Gazebo Feeder

Wooden gazebo draws a variety of wild birds!Wood Pine Gazebo Feeder with transparent seed panels makes it easy to monitor seed levels. Large overhang keeps seed dry. Hang from stainless steel hanger included, can be pole mounted (pole not included). Measures 12 x 11 x 10 inches, holds 3 pounds.

Item: 520

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Price: $29.95 Sale: $24.95
Triple Bin Party...

Triple Bin Party Feeder

…blends, so you can attract the greatest variety of birds! Crafted of heavy-duty, galvanized steel with a removable triple compartment bin. Birds feed from the metal perches. Holds 11-1/2 pounds. Hang from included S-hook, can be pole mounted (pole not included). Measures 16-1/2 x 14-1/4 x 10 inches…

Item: 561

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Price: $49.95
Sky Cafe Pole Mount...

Sky Cafe Pole Mount Kit

…into a pole mounted feeder! Remove the hanging chain from your hanging Sky Café feeder and replace it with this stretchable cord. It keeps the squirrel-proof hood securely attached to the Sky Café’s hopper and locks on top with a cord lock—squirrels can’t lift the hood and get to the bird seed…

Item: 4036

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Price: $5.95
Cardinal Platform...

Cardinal Platform Feeder

…platform feeder is constructed of high-impact plastic and is so easy to keep clean, no matter what you put on it—peanut butter, jelly, fruit, seeds, suet or mealworms. Platform feeders attract the greatest variety of birds because you can offer the greatest variety of foods. Red plastic, pole mount or hang…

Item: 1494

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Price: $15.95
Bluebird Diner Pole...

Bluebird Diner Pole Mount

…inside a feeder and this is the perfect setting. In the spring, welcome the rest of the family by removing the upper half of each plastic side panel to allow easier access for young birds. Internal perching helps fledglings learn to use the two 1-1/2 inch side entry holes. Pole included for mounting. Constructed…

Item: 1559P

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Price: $79.95
Droll Yankee B-72...

Droll Yankee B-72 Classic Feeder

…, a key to attracting birds. An internal seed baffle design directs seed to the ports so that the feeder empties completely without accumulating leftovers. Simple to clean and fill. Built in drainage slots to keep seed dry and fresh. Hang from metal hanger or pole mount (pole not included). Manufacturers…

Item: B-72

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Price: $99.95
Blooming Combo...

Blooming Combo Planter

…inches deep. Use the tray to offer your birds seeds, pieces of fruit or any other foods your birds love. You can rear mount the tray to a fencepost, 4 x 4 or other vertical surface. Or you can bottom mount the feeder to a metal pole. We suggest our #0703 sectional pole that comes with an appropriate adapter…

Item: 4275

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Price: $49.95

Hummerfest Hummingbird Feeder

The feeder that draws hummingbirds like a magnet!The most advanced feeder around! It is easy to fill and dishwasher safe. The translucent red draws birds naturally and the six feeding ports, each with its own perch, supply lots of room. Constructed from a high impact polycarbonate, the Hummerfest is…

Item: 7425

Availability: In Stock

Price: $19.95
Eco Fly-Thru...

Eco Fly-Thru Platform Feeder

…heavy-duty pole with metal mounting plate! Built to last a lifetime, Duncraft's Eco Fly Thru feeder is solidly constructed of durable, recycled plastic--a beautiful material that won't fade, crack, chip or warp. And it's non-porous, so it's super-easy to clean. You'll love this feeder's versatility…

Item: 3118

Availability: In Stock

Price: $159.95
Pole Mount Suet...

Pole Mount Suet Feeder

Attach a suet feeder to any 1 inch diameter pole in seconds! Here's a simple, space saving way to offer suet--a cold weather favorite food. Our versatile suet basket clips to any 1 inch diameter pole. It can also be mounted on any wood bird feeder, post, tree or flat surface. Mounting screws included…

Item: 2677

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Price: $11.95

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