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Wingscapes AutoFeeder

bird feeding easier than ever. Unlike conventional feeders, the AutoFeeder allows you to determine how much seed to offer — and when! The result: your feeder stays filled much longer and birds learn to visit your feeder at the times of day that you choose. The AutoFeeder is constructed of metal and…

Item: 1596A

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Vista Squirrel...

Vista Squirrel Resistant Feeder

…two perches to shut out squirrels and larger birds—while your birds can feed in peace! Roof overhang protects seed from the elements. Stainless steel perches, powder coated metal roof and strong acrylic tube create a durable feeder that lasts for years. Heavy duty hanger included. Holds 4-1/2 pounds…

Item: 5100

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Price: $49.95
Squirrel Shield Tube...

Squirrel Shield Tube Feeder

…Squirrel Shield Tube Feeder features circular exterior port guards that rotate to prevent seed scattering from wind and beak movement--reducing seed loss. Interior port grates prevent squirrels paws and noses from gaining access to seed. Four perches give birds plenty of room to eat. Metal seed ports and perches…

Item: 386

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Price: $29.95
Droll Yankee B-72...

Droll Yankee B-72 Classic Feeder

…brings lots of birds for enjoyment!Simple and functional, this classic tube feeder style with high quality construction is a favorite of songbirds and will provide you with many years of enjoyment. Constructed of twelve metal seed ports, and a clear UV Stabilized Polycarbonate feeder tube which keeps…

Item: B-72

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Price: $99.95
Songbird Vintage...

Songbird Vintage Bird Feeder

Vintage bottle feeder for your birds Wide tray attracts big and small birds. Antique bottle and pewter metal basin and top. Top and basin are removable for easy cleaning. Serves nyjer seed or mixed seed - use the included nyjer ring insert to serve nyjer and feed finches. Metal hanging loop for hanging…

Item: CB28

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Price: $24.95
Red Spiral Peanut...

Red Spiral Peanut Feeder

Serve peanuts, an all-bird favorite Fill with peanuts, sunflower seeds in the shell, or mix them together. Perching birds hop along the spiral perch and clinging birds grasp the mesh to pick out the tasty morsels. All-metal, mesh feeder is easy to clean—the top and bottom are completely removable…

Item: 2208

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Price: $29.95
The Craftsman

The Craftsman

…into your bird sanctuaryA mixed seed feeder that is as beautiful as it is well constructed. Made of hammered steel, this copper colored, 2 lb. mixed seed feeder will be a focal point in any yard and blend with any decor. Built with a catch tray to help minimize the waste of seed. Plastic, metal 18 inches…

Item: 21217

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Price: $24.95
Squirrel Proof...

Squirrel Proof Squirrel-Be-Gone

…springs up and the ports are available for the birds. Springs are adjustable for various weights. Spring loaded cap keeps squirrels out. Six feeding ports. The perches are made of metal. Holds 4 pounds of seed. The tube is 3 inches wide, and the feeder is 18-1/2 inches tall.

Item: 5057

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Price: $34.95
Cattail Wire Mesh...

Cattail Wire Mesh Stake

Realistic cattail feeder--irresistible! Just fill and stake in the garden or near the house. Feeding birds couldn't be any easier. Chickadees, nuthatches and finches will find this natural mesh feeder irresistible. Crafted of metal with a powder-coated finish. Each holds 1/2 lb. of sunflower seed or…

Item: 5232

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Absolute II Bird...

Absolute II Bird Feeder

…our most popular squirrel-resistant feeder! - All steel with pole and hanger - Excludes squirrels and large birds - Two sided feeding Our rugged, all-metal squirrel-resistant feeder has two spring-activated perches. When a squirrel or large bird steps on, a metal shield immediately drops down, shutting…

Item: 7536

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Price: $99.95 Sale: $89.95
White Northern...

White Northern Nights Feeder

Metal feeder is rugged This feeder is chew proof with a durable rustproof finish. Features a unique northern lights cutout design on both sides, clear view to the seed on the other two sides. The large roof help protect birds from rain and snow. Can be hung from a hook or pole mounted (pole not included…

Item: 50213W

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Price: $49.95
Duncraft Metal Haven...

Duncraft Metal Haven Feeder

Bottom tray keeps seed from spilling on your patio, grass or flower beds. Havens are favorite gathering spots for a dozen or more birds at a time. Birds line up on the wire for a chance to dine. Holds 1-1/2 pounds of any type of seed. Dimensions are 7-1/2 inches in diameter and 15-1/2 inches tall.

Item: 180M

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Mini Seeds N More...

Mini Seeds N More Feeder

…your birds two important staple foods with one convenient feeder. The hopper dispenses any bird seed or blend. The top locks down securely and you can monitor the seed level through clear, plastic windows. Each suet basket holds a standard suet cake and opens at the top for easy filling. All-metal with…

Item: 3093

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Price: $39.95
Baffled Bluebird...

Baffled Bluebird Feeder

birds can’t get in, so your bluebirds can feed undisturbed. Inside, a pretty, blue-scalloped glass dish sits in a metal holder and serves a bluebird's favorite foods—mealworms, Bluebird Nuggets, or Miracle Meal. Metal top and bottom are a bright blue. Dish is 4-1/2 inches in diameter, feeder is…

Item: 5349

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Price: $69.95
Combo Mesh Hopper

Combo Mesh Hopper

Attract even more birds! You’ll be able to attract even more birds with this feeder that can offer Nyjer seed on one side, and mixed seed on the other. Durable and versatile with an all-metal construction, this feeder has an overhanging roof to protect the seed from the elements, as well as an easy…

Item: 4610

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Price: $42.95
8" Cuban Bowl &...

8" Cuban Bowl & Stand

…beautiful little glass bowl!Made of recycled glass and resting in a decorative metal stand, this bowl offers plenty of usage options. It can be used a mealworms feeder, ground drinking bath, or as a jelly dish for fruit loving birds. It’s perfectly safe to be washed in a dishwasher.It measures 7-3/4 x 7…

Item: 7002C

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Price: $19.95
EZ Fill Deluxe Suet ...

EZ Fill Deluxe Suet & Block Feeder

…weather! Fill with one of our bird seed blocks or one of our Extra Large Suet blocks. Small birds can cling anywhere on the mesh sides and the base provides a generous perching area for larger birds. Metal roof protects food from weather and lifts easily for filling. Green metal, 8-1/4 inch hanging chain…

Item: 2777

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Price: $15.95
Sunflower Screen...

Sunflower Screen Feeder

All metal construction built to last for years Attract a variety of clinging and perching birds to your backyard with the Sunflower Screen Feeder. Feeder is easy to fill and can hold up to 6-7 lbs. of Black Oil Sunflower, Hulled Sunflower, or Sunflower Mixes. The all-metal construction is durable and…

Item: 38170

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Price: $39.95
Jumbo Cage Tube...

Jumbo Cage Tube Feeder

bird seed! The wide diameter prevents squirrels and large birds from reaching past the caging to the seed ports. Only small songbirds can enter the 1-1/2 inch grid. Birds feed from four seed ports equipped with perches. The solid bottom tray has drainage and keeps seeds and hulls off your lawn. All-metal.…

Item: 6027

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Price: $59.95
Droll Yankees Elite...

Droll Yankees Elite Tube Feeder

Over four feet tall!Twelve metal seed ports on a rugged 4 foot tall tube make the Elite the ultimate in tubular bird feeders. One of Droll Yankees’ original Classic feeders, pure quality and function. 12 ports for more beautiful songbirds Large 6-1/2 pound capacity, designed for straight sunflower…

Item: EL

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Price: $119.95
Duncraft Metal Nyjer...

Duncraft Metal Nyjer Feeder

Offer a dozen finches lots of perching room Our wire caging prevents larger birds from getting to the seed, letting the timid goldfinches dine in peace. And lots of goldfinches comfortably perch anywhere along the fencing. Tray prevents seed spillage. Includes six stainless steel perches and holds 1…

Item: 181M

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Price: $59.95
No No Finch Feeder

No No Finch Feeder

feeder. Patented interior baffles keep Nyjer seed in each tier of this feeder--not just at the bottom as seed is eaten. The roof shields against rain and snow, the bottom tray collects stray seed and provides room for perching birds. Nyjer seed or Fancy Finch mix only. Holds 2 lbs. Removable green metal

Item: 2761

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Price: $49.95
Squirrel Buster...

Squirrel Buster Standard

…-Proof Feeder with Seed Saver TechnologyKeep big birds and squirrels; both red and gray, from hogging your bird seed! The Squirrel Buster’s adjustable, weight-sensitive, metal skirt drops down with the weight of a squirrel or large bird—the seed ports are closed off instantly. The feeders offers…

Item: 1057B

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Price: $36.95
Seed Bunker Wild...

Seed Bunker Wild Bird Feeder

The Perky-Pet Seed Bunker Wild Bird Feeder features an all metal tube, perches, perch hood, and lid which provides maximum durability against squirrels. This robust and long-lasting feeder can withstand most weather elements and can be used all year round. The feeder can hold 1.5 lbs of seed and features…

Item: 740

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Price: $49.95
Duncraft Original...

Duncraft Original Tube Feeder

Great quality at a great price! Duncraft's Original Tube Feeder has durable, all-metal parts and a heavy-duty, polycarbonate tube. A best-seller for over 20 years! -Six all-metal seed ports resist squirrel damage and give birds lots of room to feed on the built-in perches. -The top and base are rust…

Item: 172G

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Price: $39.95 Sale: $29.95
Squirrel Resistant...

Squirrel Resistant Birder's Choice

…II feeders, the Birder’s Choice is an all-metal squirrel-resistant feeder with a weight-activated perch. When a squirrel steps onto the perch, a metal shield drops down, covering the seed tray, keeping the squirrels out! The perch adjusts to three positions to allow light, medium or heavy birds on…

Item: 7511

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Price: $49.95
Triple Tube Feeder

Triple Tube Feeder

…tube feeder offers more seeds Three different tubes let you offer Nyjer seed, any mixed blend of seeds and also sunflower seeds or sunflower hearts. More varieties of seeds attract more birds! Clinging birds can easily feed from the mesh tube containing sunflower seeds or hearts while larger birds use…

Item: 1487

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Price: $59.95
Original Absolute...

Original Absolute Bird Feeder

…large birds too. This rugged, all-metal squirrel-resistant feeder has a spring-activated perch. When a squirrel steps onto the perch, a metal shield immediately covers the seed tray, shutting off the seed supply. The perch is adjustable to three positions to allow light, medium or heavy birds on the…

Item: 7527

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Price: $89.95 Sale: $79.95
Duncraft Champion...

Duncraft Champion Feeder

…can't maneuver their paws through the grids to pull out even a single seed. The Champion’s broad feeding surface entices birds of all sizes. Even finicky cardinals love this feeder! The bottom tray is screened to provide drainage and to keep seed aerated and dry. Holds 1 pound of black oil sunflower seed…

Item: 1744

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Price: $69.95 Sale: $59.95
Tres Belle Bird...

Tres Belle Bird Feeder

Feeder comes adorned with brushed metal designs, choose from dragonfly or songbirds to decorate your feeding area. Built in drainage holes on the wrap around metal tray with built in metal perch, four feeding holes. Lift roof for easy filling and cleaning. Holds 3-1/2 pounds of seed. Brushed-metal

Item: 20141

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Price: $29.95
Fly Thru Mesh Wild...

Fly Thru Mesh Wild Bird Feeder

The feeder is packed with perching space Rest or feed, this feeder offers birds both options. Ingeniously designed black metal feeder hangs anywhere and features two openings birds can use to fly through, feed, or shelter. The tough metal mesh sides offer added perching/feeding space, while the protective…

Item: B00303

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Price: $39.95
36" Bird Feeder...

36" Bird Feeder Chain

Instantly hang feeders, houses, and more! Hang chain over branch or post, clip at desired height. Attach bird feeder to the S-hook at the bottom of the chain Rust resistant metal, black 36 inches long. Holds up to 15 pounds.

Item: 38047

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Price: $4.95

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