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Mealworm Delight...

Mealworm Delight Suet Dough

…No-Mess perfect for warm and cold weather! Birds can't resist nutritious mealworms! Delight your birds with scrumptious suet cakes packed full with dried mealworms, roasted peanuts, corn and oats. Mixed with high-fat beef suet in a no-melt cake for year-round feeding. 11 oz. each, sold in sets of 4 or…

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Dried Mealworms To...

Dried Mealworms To Go Feeder

Versatile tube feeder for the birds! What's not to love about this feeder, it's great for offering dried mealworms, suet pellets, sunflower seeds, or peanuts. Woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees will cling all over the metal mesh tube and then choose single nutritious morsels. 8 inches tall, the tube…

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Mr. Cardinal Jar...

Mr. Cardinal Jar Feeder

…finches, pine siskins, nuthatches, wrens and titmice. Fill the glass jelly jar in the middle of the feeder with seed, peanut butter, jelly, suet, nuggets, or mealworms. Combine the Mr. Cardinal feeder with the Mrs. Cardinal feeder (4311). Glass jelly jar hopper holds 3.5 ounces. Feeder measures 5-1/2 x 11…

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High Protein Trail...

High Protein Trail Mix

Powerful and protein-packed! A super high-energy trio of mealworms, waxworms and high-fat, insect suet pellets. Trail Mix delivers over 50% pure protein--that's almost 40% more protein than seeds alone! Feed this gourmet high-energy mix in all seasons to give your birds the extra energy and calories…

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Hanging Oriole Dish...

Hanging Oriole Dish Feeder

…yard with this vibrantly colored dish--orioles are instantly attracted to the color orange! Offer grape jelly, orange sections, mealworms or even chunks of orange flavored suet. This versatile dish can also be used to offer seeds or other foods to attract other birds. The polycarbonate dish lifts out of…

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Creepy Crawler Suet,...

Creepy Crawler Suet, 6 Cakes

Convenient suet feeding with no mess, no-melt suetAll types of insect- and worm-eating birds adore mealworms, crickets, and more. Combined with suet to keep their energy high all year round, these suet cakes offer a medley just right for hungry birds.Try this delicious high-energy treat and see how…

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Duncraft Mealworm...

Duncraft Mealworm Delight Feeder

…dine away from more aggressive species, and our Mealworm Delight Feeder gives them a feeder of their own. The clear plastic roof gives bluebirds a protected perch area while they indulge on treats such as live or dry mealworms, Bluebird Nuggets or suet pellets. The feeder's durable recycled plastic construction…

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Orange Double Jelly...

Orange Double Jelly-Fruit Holder

…it’s perfect for offering all kinds of food. Put fruit such as oranges and apples in the coils, then fill the cups with food such as jelly, mealworms, suet or peanuts, and just wait for the birds to flock to your yard. Beautifully designed and vibrantly colored, this is a feeder that you won’t be…

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Suet To Go Mealworm...

Suet To Go Mealworm Pellets

Clean, dry, easy to handle and store. Suet to Go Pellets can be mixed with seed or served "straight". Suet pellets are no-melt and stay fresh in their zip lock bag—no refrigeration needed. Mealworm suet pellets attract a variety of birds as well as insect eating birds that you won't normally see at…

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Duncraft Eco...

Duncraft Eco-Mealworm Feeder

…away from more aggressive species and our Eco Fly-Thru Mealworm Feeder gives them a feeder of their own. An entry hole on each side give bluebirds a perch while waiting their turn for treats of live or dry mealworms, Bluebird Nuggets or suet pellets. Durable construction--made with recycled plastic…

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21" Hanging Mealworm...

21" Hanging Mealworm Feeder

Simply easy way to attract beautiful birdsServe up mealworms, jelly or suet bits in the recycled clear glass dish. Nestles securely in a metal holder with a flower shaped perching system. Metal roof covers the dish below. Made from recycled glass and metal. Glass dish does not have drainage. Feeder…

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Mealworms to Go...

Mealworms to Go Basket, Set of 3

Baskets of mealworms - just unwrap and hang! Birds love clinging to these little baskets. Woven of reed, a bag of nutritious, dried mealworms is included with each one--giving you several refills. And they’re reusable. When the mealworms are gone, refill them with more dried mealworms, suet balls, peanuts…

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Insect Suet Balls

Insect Suet Balls

Birds love these gourmet suet balls!High energy ingredients are blended with suet and shaped to fit our Automatic Ball Feeder. Simply cut open a sleeve of 5 balls and empty into feeder. Insect suet balls are a tempting mixture of dehydrated mealworms and insects and will attract birds you won't see at…

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Suet Ball Sampler ...

Suet Ball Sampler (Set of 20)

…repelled by the taste--birds aren't bothered. Fruit & Nut offer dried mixed berries and peanuts. Insect balls are made with dried insects and mealworms. Our Suet Ball Sampler pack includes 5 balls of each flavor. 4 oz. each.2 Day Express Shipping Service is not available for this item.

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Log Jammer Insect,...

Log Jammer Insect, 12 Suet Plugs

The Log Jammer Suet Plugs are designed for easy loading into the log jammer feeders. Contains Ground Peanuts, Finely Cracked Corn, Dehydrated Cricket, Dehydrated Mealworms and and Dehydrated Waxworms. 3 oz. each. Set of 4 packages, 3 logs per package.

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12" Glass Daisy Dish...

12" Glass Daisy Dish Feeders

Versatile hanging dish for your birds!Made of recycled glass and metal, this feeder without drainage is perfect as a mealworm feeder, jelly or suet pellet container. It will attract many songbirds such as bluebirds, orioles, juncos, and many more. This colorful daisy bowl will sure bring a nice color…

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8" Glass Daisy Dish...

8" Glass Daisy Dish Feeders

Can be used either indoors or outside!Made of recycled glass and metal, this feeder without drainage is perfect as a mealworm feeder, jelly or suet pellet container. It will attract many songbirds such as bluebirds, orioles, juncos, and many more. This colorful daisy bowl will sure bring a nice color…

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Mini Bluebird Cage...

Mini Bluebird Cage Feeder

…been redesigned to hold a cup for mealworms. Bluebirds prefer to feed away from more aggressive species and will enter this feeder where they dine in peace. Spring-clip keeps the top securely locked down yet opens easily for filling with dried or live mealworms or suet nuggets. Built in hanger. 5 inches…

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Clearview Bluebird...

Clearview Bluebird Feeder

…with durable, recycled plastic. Made to offer mealworms, dry or roasted, Bluebird Nuggets or bluebird suet pellets. The clear front lets you see all the action as bluebird enter and exit through side holes. The clear, vertical sides prevent live mealworms from escaping. Rear mount--2 pre-drilled holes…

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Orange Single Cup...

Orange Single Cup-Fruit Feeder

Serve fruit, seed or suet balls, dried insects, jelly and more! There are endless possibilities with this delightfully fun feeder. One vibrant orange scalloped edge plastic dish holds jelly, mealworms or fruit pieces, and a swirled copper holder is perfect for seed or suet balls, and fruit halves. 7…

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Dome-Top Bluebird...

Dome-Top Bluebird Feeder

mealworms, or attract a variety of birds by feeding mixed seed. There are many different opportunities to attract birds to this feeder. Adjustable top dome is made of heavy duty polycarbonate, it is UV resistant, and keeps large birds and weather out. Large tray holds seed, mealworms, fruit, or suet.…

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Eco-Strong PB & J...

Eco-Strong PB & J Feeder

…jelly! Fill the cups with fruit jelly and spread peanut butter or suet on the grooved wall—a variety of birds including woodpeckers won't be able to resist the combination! During the colder weather fill the cups with mealworms, suet pellets, nuggets or bird seed. Crafted of light brown, plastic "wood…

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Duncraft Extreme...

Duncraft Extreme Window Feeder

…This big window feeder has room to feed a variety of foods including seeds, fruit, suet pellets or a even a whole suet cake. You can also use it to set out small bowls of grape jelly for orioles or live or dried mealworms for insect eating birds such as catbirds and bluebirds. Attaches firmly to the window…

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Eco-Friendly Window...

Eco-Friendly Window Buffet

…while they enjoy a buffet of delicious treats! Offer seeds, fruit, mealworms, suet, and even grapes and raisins to attract cardinals, bluebirds, chickadees, finches and more! The fine-mesh bottom allows drainage, but doesn’t let mealworms or even the tiny Nyjer seeds escape. Attaches to your window with…

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Never Melt Insect,...

Never Melt Insect, 12 Cakes

…that makes these suet cakes the best for the birds. Pine Tree Farms Never Melt Suets are produced with natural ingredients. They will never crumble, and can withstand temperatures of over 120 degrees F. Vitamin fortified and for year round feeding. Contains Peanuts, Corn, Dried Mealworms, Crickets, Vitamins…

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Treehouse Delight...

Treehouse Delight Feeder

…feed on platform feeders, plus fill two glass side jars to offer even more treats. Mix it up with offering seeds, a suet or seed cake broken up, chunks of fruit, Miracle Meal or mealworms to attract beautiful songbirds! Our Eco-friendly feeder is constructed from recycled plastic in a beautiful green.…

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Duncraft EZ Bluebird...

Duncraft EZ Bluebird Feeder

…Bluebird Feeder gives them a feeder of their own. The open area gives bluebirds a perch while they indulge on treats of live or dry mealworms, Bluebird Nuggets or suet pellets. The feeder's durable recycled plastic construction means that you can use it for years. Features two plastic cups for easy filling…

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New England Pavilion...

New England Pavilion Feeder

…brown and green. Recycled plastic is a super durable material that is easy to clean and lasts a lifetime. Offer seeds, a suet or seed cake, chunks of fruit, Miracle Meal or mealworms to attract beautiful songbirds! Feeder dimensions are 8 x 8 x 10 inches tall including hanging loop.

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Bugs, Nuts, & Fruit...

Bugs, Nuts, & Fruit Cake, Set of 3

…. This combination is sure to attract your favorite feathered friends with it's fantastic blend of mealworms, pecans,sunflower hearts, and cherries. BUG APPETIT! 6 ounce cake, perfect for filling suet feeders.

Item: 410M

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Snacks 'N' Treats...

Snacks 'N' Treats Feeder

…such as Bluebird and Chickadees. It has two large capacity food compartments to offer a variety of foods. Can be used with dried mealworms, fruit, seed, jelly, nuts or suet nuggets. The feeder is easy to disassemble and clean. Holds 60 oz.

Item: 38225

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Copper Bluebird...

Copper Bluebird Double Dish

Add a treat or two to your feeding area Each blue scalloped cup can serve mealworms, fruit or jelly, suet pellets or nuggets to tempt new visitors. Dishes nestle snugly in copper formed wire, double plastic cups, made in the USA. Measures 9 x 4 x 7 inches.


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Duncraft Window...

Duncraft Window Nester & Feeder

…aluminum floor provides excellent air flow through the nesting area. When the tray is not being used as a nesting shelf, serve a feast of suet, pellets, seed, or mealworms.Made in the USA. 6-3/4 x 5-1/4 x 7-1/4 inches.

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