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12 Port Wildbills...

12 Port Wildbills Feeder

…squirrels, yet birds don’t feel a thing. There’s no harm done to the squirrels, but they learn quickly to stay away! The Wildbill's Feeder includes extra-large seed hopper with three different sections to hold three types of seed. Hang or pole mount, pole not included. Capacity is approximately…

Item: 030212

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Price: $199.95
The Williamsburg...

The Williamsburg Feeder

…your feeder with this large capacity! The Williamsburg Feeder is perfect for any backyard bird lover with its combination of style and efficiency. Includes drainage holes at the bottom to keep moisture from getting to your seed. Holds up to 5.5 lbs of any of our mixed seeds. Combine this feeder with…

Item: 20133W

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Price: $39.95
Large Log Cabin Bird...

Large Log Cabin Bird Feeder

Hoppers are the mainstay of bird feeding!Many people began feeding birds with a hopper feeder. Hopper feeders attract different varieties of birds and can be used with most any seed. This large capacity feeder also has a roomy platform base to give birds plenty of perching space . Colonial style plastic…

Item: NS1553

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Price: $49.95 Sale: $45.95
Avian Bird Feeder

Avian Bird Feeder

Huge capacity--spend less time filling The Avian Bird Feeder holds 18 lbs. of pure or mixed seeds. Allows only small birds to feed-the outer cage keeps out gray squirrels and large birds. All-steel upper hopper is vented to keep seed fresh. Six acrylic seed ports with steel perches. Base pulls out for…

Item: 5004

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Price: $119.95
Droll Yankees Elite...

Droll Yankees Elite Tube Feeder

…ports on a rugged 4 foot tall tube make the Elite the ultimate in tubular bird feeders. One of Droll Yankees’ original Classic feeders, pure quality and function. 12 ports for more beautiful songbirds Large 6-1/2 pound capacity, designed for straight sunflower or mixed seed. UV Stabilized polycarbonate…

Item: EL

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Price: $119.95
Emerald Sky Cafe

Emerald Sky Cafe

…durable hood with angled rim sends them slip-sliding right off the feeder! And it's so big they can't hang from it to reach the seed. Large capacity hopper holds 10 pounds of seed for fewer refills and the wide tray encourages birds of all sizes. Includes 24" hanging chain. Dimensions are 17 by 17 inches…

Item: 5104

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Price: $69.95
Aspects Large Seed...

Aspects Large Seed Tube Feeder

…effortless to quickly yet thoroughly clean this hanging feeder. The stainless steel hardware, polycarbonate tube and heavy-duty zinc die cast components construction make it incredibly durable, while the improved seed diverter makes sure birds can reach every seed. Fill it with Black Oil Sunflower seed…

Item: A444

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Price: $51.95
Droll Yankees Wicked...

Droll Yankees Wicked Tall Feeder

This wicked tall tube feeder is sure to amaze your birdsEight metal seed ports on a rugged 4 foot tall tube makes this the ideal feeder for winter bird feeding, vacation homes, or busy feeding stations. Large 6-1/2 pound capacity, designed for sunflower or mixed seed. UV Stabilized polycarbonate and…

Item: WT

Availability: In Stock

Price: $109.95
Classic Feeder with...

Classic Feeder with Pole & Baffle

Feeder, pole, baffle - all-in-one feeding solution! Complete feeding system has a built-on canister baffle, pole and a large capacity tube—everything you need to feed your birds and keep squirrels off! Four aluminum feeding ports have 2 inch long perches, so even large birds feed comfortably. Green…

Item: 2865

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Price: $69.95
Duncraft Metal Safe...

Duncraft Metal Safe Haven

…, each with two feeding ports, can be filled with different seeds or mixes (except pure Nyjer seed) to attract a wide variety of birds. Has a large capacity—this feeder holds 4-1/2 pounds of seed. Dimensions are 10-1/2 inches in diameter and 17-3/4 inches tall.

Item: 182M

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Price: $124.95 Sale: $99.96
The Nuttery Globe...

The Nuttery Globe Feeder

Birds cross the “equator” to feel safe as they eatThe Globe offers a 360 degree view, so birds can keep an eye on approaching predators while they eat. This squirrel-resistant feeder has a large capacity for seating and feeding. The Globe includes four ports with perches. Lift lid to clean. Includes…

Item: 41536

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Price: $59.95
Sapphire Sky Cafe

Sapphire Sky Cafe

…angled rim sends squirrels slip-sliding right off the feeder! And the feeder is so big the squirrels can't hang from the top to reach the seed. Large capacity hopper holds 10 pounds of seed for fewer refills and the wide tray encourages birds of all sizes. Includes 24" hanging chain. Dimensions are…

Item: 5814

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Price: $69.95
Squirrel Buster...

Squirrel Buster Standard

…-Proof Feeder with Seed Saver TechnologyKeep big birds and squirrels; both red and gray, from hogging your bird seed! The Squirrel Buster’s adjustable, weight-sensitive, metal skirt drops down with the weight of a squirrel or large bird—the seed ports are closed off instantly. The feeders offers…

Item: 1057B

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Price: $36.95
Snacks 'N' Treats...

Snacks 'N' Treats Feeder

…Treats Feeder comes complete with a weather guard that can be adjusted to different heights. Raise the weather guard to allow larger birds such as Woodpeckers and Cardinals. Lower the weather guard and you can attract smaller birds such as Bluebird and Chickadees. It has two large capacity food compartments…

Item: 38225

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Price: $19.95
Quick Clean Large...

Quick Clean Large Nyjer Tube

…sure birds can reach every seed. Fill it with Nyjer seed and watch it attract all kinds of finches, buntings and siskins, among others.The feeder, which is an appealing “Berry” shade of red offers 10 feeding ports. Measures 3-3/8 inches in diameter and is 19-7/8 inches tall. It has a capacity of 1…

Item: A447

Availability: In Stock

Price: $44.95
Conant Bird Feeder...

Conant Bird Feeder Thermometer

Unique and innovative combination feeder and thermometerThis innovative design combines an easily cleaned and easily filled seed feeder with a large and easy-to-read thermometer that displays in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. A wide variety of birds will be attracted, including chickadees, goldfinches…

Item: BFT3

Availability: In Stock

Price: $59.95
Antique Bottle...

Antique Bottle Hummingbird, Large

Add a classic touch to your bird feeding efforts This classy feeder will bring both an artistic touch and more hummingbirds to your yard. The antique bottle is a pleasing shade of green, while there are four decorative feeding ports to allow multiple birds to feed at a time. The attached metal hanger…

Item: 8120-2

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Price: $29.95
No/No Solar...

No/No Solar Lighthouse Feeder

…Lighthouse Finch Feeder stands up against squirrels and other small animals that may try to access birdseed. The No/No Solar Lighthouse Finch Feeder stands at 14 inches tall and has a large 1.5-pound seed capacity. Fill with nyjer seed and watch as this feeder hosts up to 15 birds at one time. The mesh…

Item: 355L

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Price: $59.95
Reflective Red Vista...

Reflective Red Vista Feeder

Large capacity feeder holds 6 pounds of seed!Protect your seed from squirrels and large birds. Weight settings allow you to adjust the two perches to shut out squirrels and larger birds—while your birds can feed in peace! Roof overhang protects seed from the elements. Stainless steel perches, powder…

Item: WL75160

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Price: $49.95
All Seasons Heated...

All Seasons Heated Deck Bath

Watch birds enjoy a drink during cold weather Large bowl birdbath with built-in perch or feeder for year round use. Hidden electrical connection; simply plug your extension cord into the built-in electrical connection concealed underneath the unit. Thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary…

Item: HB150D

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Price: $89.95

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