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…plastic tube lets you easily monitor the nectar levels. Made from clear and red plastic with adjustable cord hangers. Feeder measures four-feet long. 32 oz. capacity Feed more hummingbirds with only one feederExpert design attracts more hummingbirds Patented horizontal hummingbird feeder Includes…
…where you can’t hang a hummingbird feeder. Stake into a flower pot, fill the tube with sweet nectar and you’ll have hummingbirds visiting in no time! Hummers are attracted to the red-glass dangle and the bright-red cap. Horizontal position prevents leaking and the glass tube mimics the tubular…
…new feeder, then hold in your hand to experience hummingbirds up close! For better results, place near an existing hummingbird feeder. Glass tube feeder measures 5/8 x 4-1/4 inches. Copper holding wand measures 14 inches long. 1/2 oz. nectar capacity Hand-feed hummingbirds with no-drip feeding tube
hummingbirds during the day--enjoy a show of colors at night!A solar panel at the top absorbs sunlight during the day and transforms the tube into a color changing display at night. Watch the colors cycle through seven color, ranging from red to blue to green in a continuous pattern. The feeder has…
Fun to watch as your hummingbirds entertain When a hummer lands on one end of the feeder, their weight makes it tip down and teeter totter. Two feeding lass tubes slide out of the copper wand for cleaning and filling. Copper and glass, 4-1/4 x 5/8 inch tube, feeder is approximately 6-1/2 x 12 inches…
Enjoy hummingbirds right at your window See hummingbirds closer than ever! Secure the copper-tendril holder to your window with the suction cup, then slide in the glass tube filled with nectar. Hummingbirds are attracted to the red cap, red-marble dangle and the tubular reservoir—just like the…
Expertly designed feeder attracts more hummingbirdsFeed an entire charm of hummingbirds! Invite up to 22 flying jewels to feed side-by-side from red angled feeding ports with direct access to the nectar. Shatterproof clear plastic tube measures two feet long and can be cleaned using a long bottle…
…bird feeder, or a bird water cooler. The remaining four arms hold lightweight feeders such as hummingbird feeders, oriole feeders, suet feeders, or small tubes. The gracefully curved arms are 15 wide with a 12 inch reach, each arm holds 4 lbs. Dimensions: 24 inches tall, and 30 inches wide. Feeder
…the joy of hand-feeding hummingbirds! Mount this mini nectar tube feeder on your window until hummers start to feed, then lift feeder from the bracket and hold in your hand. Wait patiently while the pretty red flower on the feeding port helps attract hummingbirds to feed from your hand. Includes…
…enzyme-based formulas biodegrade organics in bird feeders. No more dark ring of organic vegetation - scum lines where it is very difficult to scrub clean.Our enzymes work at problems that literally disappear; leaving clean glass walls, unclogs dipper tubes while preventing scum and waterline rings.…