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Little Flyer...

Little Flyer Hummingbird Feeder

Durable four port hummingbird feeder! Four feeding ports enable you to view Hummingbirds from any angle. For added security, Nectar Guard® Tips are included to virtually eliminate contamination from bees and flying insects. The central ant moat can be filled with water to prevent ants from reaching…

Item: LF-4

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Price: $24.95
Hummerfest Feeder &...

Hummerfest Feeder & Guard

…from a high impact polycarbonate, the Hummerfest is built to last. Drip-proof, bee-proof dish-style base has a built-in ant moat, automatic rain overflow. Protective dome is UV resistant, keeps nectar and hummingbirds sheltered. Feeder is 8-3/4 x 8 inches, dome 10-1/2 x 9.

Item: 7426

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Price: $34.95
Duncraft Best...

Duncraft Best Hummingbird Set

…started feeding hummingbirds. Our feeder has four vibrant red nectar flowerettes with bee guard inserts and perches. Holds 8 ounces of nectar, 8-1/2 inches tall. Set includes: -Four Flower Frolic Hummingbird Feeder -Ant Baffle -14 inch diameter Red Metal Weather Guard -Enjoying Hummingbirds More Booklet

Item: 1696

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Price: $45.95
Four Flower Frolic...

Four Flower Frolic Feeder Set

…!This bestselling feeder has four vibrant red nectar flowerettes with bee-guard inserts and perches. The glass bottle holds 8 ounces of nectar and disassembles for cleaning. Feeder is 8-1/2 inches tall. Comes with 'Enjoying Hummingbirds More' booklet, filled with color images and lots of information about…

Item: 203CPR

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Price: $17.95
# 1 Best Four Flower...

# 1 Best Four Flower Frolic

Our #1 hummingbird feeder—new and improved!The color red attracts hummingbirds like a magnet, so the vibrant red of this feeder is sure to attract flying jewels to your very own backyard! Our hummingbird bestseller now includes a wide jar mouth for easy cleaning, built-in bee guards, and an ant moat…

Item: 203CP

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Price: $14.95
Planter Box...

Planter Box Hummingbird Feeder

…planter box to please the hummingbirds Thanks to the included hanging rod, you can place this small one-port feeder over a planter box - creating an environment that the hummingbirds that feed there are sure to enjoy. The feeder, which is shatterproof, also features a bee guard and can hold 3 oz.

Item: 215P

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Price: $9.95

Fliteline Hummingbird Feeder

…feeder for your hungry hummers!Hummingbirds require a large amount of nectar daily to replenish the enormous amount of energy they expend. This simple feeder holds 30 ounces of nectar; enough to keep a crowd of hummingbirds happy. Three feeding ports feature built in bee guard so hummers won't be driven…

Item: 1085

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Price: $19.95
Best Port & Bee...

Best Port & Bee Guard Brush

Attract more birds with sparkling clean Oriole and Hummingbird feeders! Our Best Port & Bee Guard Brush helps clean all the nooks and crannies. This is the only two-sided mini brush with bristles that are made to clean both bee guards and ports. Long lasting nylon bristles. Comfort fit handle for ease…

Item: 5834

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Price: $4.95
Vinester Hummingbird...

Vinester Hummingbird Feeder

…morning glory blossoms feed many hummingbirds at one time! Each bottle is secure in the fanciful spiral hanger and can’t fall out.The brass blossoms and leaves are fired with a translucent finish for long-lasting beauty. Hanger is crafted of copper. Includes bee guard tips. Holds 9 oz. total. 11 high…

Item: 5354

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Price: $49.95
Window Watch Feeder

Window Watch Feeder

…anywhere you want to see dazzling hummingbirds!Place outside the kitchen window or near your breakfast nook. The realistic red flower with its bright yellow center is a visual magnet to hungry hummers. Garnet-red glass nectar bottle, brass flower and leaf accents. Bee guard keeps insects out. One suction…

Item: 5356

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Price: $21.95
Drifter Hummingbird...

Drifter Hummingbird Feeder

…They are secured with copper holders, decorative flower-tops and leaves are crafted in brass with a durable, fired-on finish. Sipping straws have bee-guard tips. Each reservoir holds 3 oz. Each piece measures approximately 9 x 13 inches high.

Item: 5357

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Price: $49.95

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