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Four Flower Frolic...

Four Flower Frolic Feeder Set

…!This bestselling feeder has four vibrant red nectar flowerettes with bee-guard inserts and perches. The glass bottle holds 8 ounces of nectar and disassembles for cleaning. Feeder is 8-1/2 inches tall. Comes with 'Enjoying Hummingbirds More' booklet, filled with color images and lots of information about…

Item: 203CPR

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Price: $17.95
Little Flyer...

Little Flyer Hummingbird Feeder

Durable four port hummingbird feeder! Four feeding ports enable you to view Hummingbirds from any angle. For added security, Nectar Guard® Tips are included to virtually eliminate contamination from bees and flying insects. The central ant moat can be filled with water to prevent ants from reaching…

Item: LF-4

Availability: In Stock

Price: $24.95
# 1 Best Four Flower...

# 1 Best Four Flower Frolic

…color red attracts hummingbirds like a magnet, so the vibrant red of this feeder is sure to attract flying jewels to your very own backyard!Our bestselling hummingbird feeder includes several new features, including a wide mouth opening for easier cleaning, built-in bee guards, and an ant moat on top…

Item: 203CP

Availability: In Stock

Price: $14.95
Planter Box...

Planter Box Hummingbird Feeder

…planter box to please the hummingbirds Thanks to the included hanging rod, you can place this small one-port feeder over a planter box - creating an environment that the hummingbirds that feed there are sure to enjoy. The feeder, which is shatterproof, also features a bee guard and can hold 3 oz.

Item: 215P

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Price: $9.95

Fliteline Hummingbird Feeder

…feeder for your hungry hummers!Hummingbirds require a large amount of nectar daily to replenish the enormous amount of energy they expend. This simple feeder holds 30 ounces of nectar; enough to keep a crowd of hummingbirds happy. Three feeding ports feature built in bee guard so hummers won't be driven…

Item: 1085

Availability: In Stock

Price: $19.95
Best Port & Bee...

Best Port & Bee Guard Brush

Attract more birds with sparkling clean Oriole and Hummingbird feeders! Our Best Port & Bee Guard Brush helps clean all the nooks and crannies. This is the only two-sided mini brush with bristles that are made to clean both bee guards and ports. Long lasting nylon bristles. Comfort fit handle for ease…

Item: 5834

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Price: $4.95
Hummerfest Feeder &...

Hummerfest Feeder & Guard

…from a high impact polycarbonate, the Hummerfest is built to last. Drip-proof, bee-proof dish-style base has a built-in ant moat, automatic rain overflow. Protective dome is UV resistant, keeps nectar and hummingbirds sheltered. Feeder is 8-3/4 x 8 inches, dome 10-1/2 x 9.

Item: 7426

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Price: $34.95
Duncraft Best...

Duncraft Best Hummingbird Set

…started feeding hummingbirds. Our feeder has four vibrant red nectar flowerettes with bee guard inserts and perches. Holds 8 ounces of nectar, 8-1/2 inches tall. Set includes: -Four Flower Frolic Hummingbird Feeder -Ant Baffle -14 inch diameter Red Metal Weather Guard -Enjoying Hummingbirds More Booklet

Item: 1696

Availability: In Stock

Price: $45.95

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