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Classic Heated Bird...

Classic Heated Bird Bath

Attract more birds with ice-free water When water sources are frozen solid, birds will flock to an ice-free bird bath—to drink and to clean their feathers. 75 watt heater turns on at 35 degrees and shuts off automatically. 11 inch cord, you supply an outdoor-rated extension. Heated plastic insert is…

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Bird Bath With Metal...

Bird Bath With Metal Stand

Water on an easy-to-move stand. Birds are encouraged to drink and bathe from this shallow bowl—it’s only 2 inches deep and has a non-slip surface. Stand is easy to assemble, basin drops into the top ring and lifts out for cleaning. 20 x 30 inches tall. Non-Heated.

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EZ Tilt Deck Bird...

EZ Tilt Deck Bird Bath

…firmly attaches this bird bath to 2 x 4" or 2 x 6" deck rails. Simply undo the catch and tilt the bird bath up for cleaning and draining. Or you can lift straight up to remove the bowl completely for storage in winter. 20" in diameter, deck mounting hardware is included. Non-Heated.

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All Season Heated...

All Season Heated Bath

Use this heated bath both winter and summer. The heating element in this bath is removable for all-season use. Sits atop a 2-1/2 foot tall metal stand and stakes securely in the ground--or it can be mounted on a deck. It's thermostatically controlled and provides your birds the ice-free water they need…

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Cross-Over Bird Bath

Cross-Over Bird Bath

Spruce up your garden with an inviting bird bathPlace this sparkling pool of water wherever you like and birds will come from afar to dip, play, and preen. Heat this bird bath during the winter months to offer a much-needed source of water. Includes heavy-duty, zinc-plated chain. Remove chain to place…

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Cord Shield

Cord Shield

Protect electrical connections from water, ice and snow! Ideal for heated bird baths. Our cord shield snaps over the electrical connection between your device and an extension cord. Interior gasket locks out moisture, preventing disconnections and shorting out. Makes any electrical connection waterproof…

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Deck Mount Heated...

Deck Mount Heated Bird Bath

Water is essential for your birds! Providing water for your birds in an easy to view deck area just got easier. This wide view heated deck mount bath comes with wire holder and clamp. Metal clamp can be attached to the holder either vertically or horizontally. 120 volts, thermostatically controlled.…


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