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Bird Bath With Metal...

Bird Bath With Metal Stand

Water on an easy-to-move stand. Birds are encouraged to drink and bathe from this shallow bowl—it’s only 2 inches deep and has a non-slip surface. Stand is easy to assemble, basin drops into the top ring and lifts out for cleaning. 20 x 30 inches tall. Non-Heated.

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Pedestal Heated Bird...

Pedestal Heated Bird Bath

Provide water all year long This top quality bird bath offers reliable, all-weather service with a built in heater and thermostatically controlled sealed in the bowl of the bath. 120 volts, easy to clean, bowl is 50% recycled ABS plastic. Bowl measures 20 x 20 x 6 inches, and pedestal stand measures…

Item: HPED

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Price: $139.95
10' Cord Bird Bath...

10' Cord Bird Bath Heater

The longest cord on the market - 10 feet! Thermostatically controlled for efficient heat. The unit will turn on when the water temperature approaches freezing conditions and will heat the water 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit before turning off. Aluminum base, 250 watts. 10 foot cord--you supply an outdoor…

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Price: $49.95
Heated Deck Bird...

Heated Deck Bird Bath

Provide fresh, unfrozen water all winter long.Regular bathing maintains feathers for flying and insulation.Steel frame clamps quickly to any standard railing (2 x 4") without tools. The black resin insert dish removes for cleaning. Thermostatically controlled. 14" in diameter, 60 watts, 6" cord. You…

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Classic Heated Bird...

Classic Heated Bird Bath

Attract more birds with ice-free water When water sources are frozen solid, birds will flock to an ice-free bird bath—to drink and to clean their feathers. 75 watt heater turns on at 35 degrees and shuts off automatically. 11 inch cord, you supply an outdoor-rated extension. Heated plastic insert is…

Item: 3338

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All Season Heated...

All Season Heated Bath

Use this heated bath both winter and summer. The heating element in this bath is removable for all-season use. Sits atop a 2-1/2 foot tall metal stand and stakes securely in the ground--or it can be mounted on a deck. It's thermostatically controlled and provides your birds the ice-free water they need…

Item: 300

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Cord Shield

Cord Shield

Protect electrical connections from water, ice and snow! Ideal for heated bird baths. Our cord shield snaps over the electrical connection between your device and an extension cord. Interior gasket locks out moisture, preventing disconnections and shorting out. Makes any electrical connection waterproof…

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Embossed Copper Bird...

Embossed Copper Bird Bath

This bath can hold a plant pot!. Elegant and sturdy, this ornate copper bath is richly adorned and embossed for a distinctive look in the garden. It's crafted of iron and can withstand both freezing winter temperatures and plug-in heating units. The basin is coated with a lovely copper finish that deepens…

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Deck Mount Heated...

Deck Mount Heated Bird Bath

Water is essential for your birds! Providing water for your birds in an easy to view deck area just got easier. This wide view heated deck mount bath comes with wire holder and clamp. Metal clamp can be attached to the holder either vertically or horizontally. 120 volts, thermostatically controlled.…


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EZ Tilt Heated Deck...

EZ Tilt Heated Deck Bath

birds water year-round Provide your birds with much-needed water even when temperatures dip below freezing. Built-in thermostat turns on and off automatically, keeping water ice-free all winter long. Mounts securely to your deck and tilts up to empty. Shallow bowl is 2” deep, as preferred by birds.…

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