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Eco-Strong Ground...

Eco-Strong Ground Platform

…specially for ground-feeding birds! Ground feeding birds such as cardinals, sparrows, doves and towhees often eat seeds that fall from hanging feeders. Our super-resilient, "poly-lumber" ground-feeder lets you give these birds clean, fresh seed on a raised, aerated tray. Legs keep seed off the ground and the…

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EZ Move Ground...

EZ Move Ground Platform Feeder

ground feeding birds to your yardGround feeding birds, such as doves, towhees, cardinals, and sparrows, often eat seeds that fall from hanging feeders. Our super resilient ground feeder lets you provide birds with clean, fresh seed on a raised tray. 1 inch recycled wire grid insert prevents birds from…

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Eco-Strong Ground...

Eco-Strong Ground Tray Feeder

This indestructible platform feeder invites a crowd! Platform feeders are loved for their versatility--attracting the widest array of birds. Our extra-large covered platform protects food from damaging weather and is carefully crafted from recycled plastic wood materials. Extra durable wood platform…

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Mealworm Tub Medium

Mealworm Tub Medium

…and are made up of 25% fat and 50% crude protein. Offer your birds a natural food without having to deal with storing “live” food. Able to be served to any and all species, they can be offered from the ground, tables, or seed feeders.The tub holds 7 ounces of mealworms.

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60" Bird Feeder Pole...

60" Bird Feeder Pole Kit

Everything you need to put up your bottom-mounted feeder or bird house. Our three-piece pole kit includes a flanged ground socket, and an optional mounting bracket. Steel pole is 1 inch in diameter and has a rust-resistant green finish. Stands 60 inches tall. Holds 20 lbs.

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3 In 1 Platform...

3 In 1 Platform Feeder

…-- 3 feeders in 1 Hang it! Post-mount it! Or use as a ground feeder. 100% chew proof steel. Comes with hanger, and a 14 inch metal rod for lifting platform up from ground. Built-in socket accommodates your own 1 inch diameter pole. Seed saving grid lifts out easily. Holds 2-3 lbs of any bird food. 16…

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Duncraft Premium...

Duncraft Premium Jumbo Block

…your backyard birds. Birds will return time and again to feast on these huge seed blocks. Our Premium Block includes black oil sunflower seed, sunflower hearts and chips, safflower, nyjer, millet and canary seed. Place on a platform feeder (sold separately) or simply set on the ground. 6-3/4 x 6-3/4…

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Sunflower Stake...

Sunflower Stake Feeder

Birds flock to sunflowers for their nutritious seeds, so they’ll know just what’s inside this big yellow sunflower feeder! An opening in the top flips up to fill with wholesome, high-oil sunflower seeds in the shell. Birds cling to the mesh and can feed from both sides. Stakes into the ground. All…

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Superior Blend Seed...

Superior Blend Seed Cake

…your backyard birds excellent nutrition all year round. Superior Cakes are made with a versatile blend of Black Oil Sunflower Seed, White Millet, Sunflower Hearts, Safflower Seed and Peanuts. Easy to feed, all you do is unwrap the cake and place on a ground feeder or platform feeder. Premium Cakes attract…

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Bird Feeder Station...

Bird Feeder Station Four Hooks

Centralize your feeders in one handy location. Four graceful hooks allow you to hang a seed feeder, a suet feeder, a fruit feeder and even a bird waterer for a complete feeding station. Ground spade holds the pole securely in the soil. The elegant topper makes this pole a decorative accent in any yard…

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Quad Bird Feeder...

Quad Bird Feeder Hanger

…inches high with a turn of the center wing nut. A 10 inch ground step with four footings that are situated at right angles secure the pole firmly into the ground, making this an incredibly stable pole. Each of the 4 arms holds up to 10 lbs. of feeders and seed. Constructed of rugged 7/16 inch square wrought…

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Universal Bird...

Universal Bird Feeder

…with whole sunflower hearts. Clear clips keep 1 inch powder coated grid insert in place and keeps seed from being spilled. Feeder tray removes for easy cleaning. This platform feeder provides excellent drainage with a perforated aluminum bottom.Roof protects food from wind, rain, and snow, while the clearview…

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Original Absolute...

Original Absolute Bird Feeder

…light, medium or heavy birds on the perch. No matter what the adjustment, the Absolute will always block out squirrels. Depending on your settings, birds of a certain weight will also trip the perch. A chart of bird weights comes with the feeder, so you can choose the size birds you want to feed. The…

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Absolute II Bird...

Absolute II Bird Feeder

…has been our most popular squirrel-resistant feeder! -All steel with pole and hanger -Excludes squirrels and large birds -Two sided feeding Our rugged, all-metal squirrel-resistant feeder has two spring-activated perches. When a squirrel or large bird steps on, a metal shield immediately drops down…

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Masterpiece 83"...

Masterpiece 83" Station & Feeder

bird seed, suet pellets, dried mealworms and watch the birds enjoy. Bird feeder slides into the top of the pole, removes easily for filling and cleaning. Can be installed in minutes, in almost any feeding area for years of enjoyment. All hardware included, as well as our heavy duty 4 x 4 twister ground

Item: Q4280

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Price: $199.95
Heavy Duty Feeder...

Heavy Duty Feeder Post & Hanger

A multipurpose feeder post built for strength and durability This heavy duty post will not only give you places to hang two bird feeders, bird houses, or flower baskets but also give you a third spot to mount a bird feeder or bird house. Comes with two hanging hooks located 10 inches from the center…

Item: Q11803

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Universal Deck Rail...

Universal Deck Rail Feeder

Covered deck rail feeder--ingenious! Platform feeders are loved for their versatility--attracting the widest array of birds. The Universal Deck Rail will fit conveniently over your deck railing giving you easy access for both filling the feeder and watching the birds visiting. Installation is a zip,…

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Less Mess Gourmet...

Less Mess Gourmet Bird Seed

…there’s no clean-up required – the blend is specially designed to ensure that no mess is made as birds are eating it.Serve it in a large-holed tube feeder, a hopper feeder, a platform feeder or on the ground. Comes in a 5-pound stand-up bag.

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Deck, Porch N' Patio...

Deck, Porch N' Patio Bird Seed Jar

…seed are blended together to create a blend birds can’t resist. Cardinals, nuthatches, grosbeaks and more will be drawn to your yard again and again to eat this.Serve it in a large-holed tube feeder, a hopper feeder, a platform feeder or on the ground. Comes in a 4.5-pound jar.

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Woodpecker & Wild...

Woodpecker & Wild Bird Food

…it is delicious. Woodpeckers, nuthatches, jays and more will flock to eat it.Serve it in a wire mesh or large-holed tube feeder, a hopper feeder, a platform feeder or on the ground. Comes in a 5-pound bag.

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Birdhouse & Feeder...

Birdhouse & Feeder Pole

Mount your birdhouse or bird feeder simply! Fast and easy installation for any wooden bottom-mounted unit. Secure your feeder or house to the metal mounting plate, step on the ground stake and secure it into the ground. Black, pole measures 70 inches from the top of base plate. Made with 1/2 inch square…

Item: BFC-70

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Clearview Ground...

Clearview Ground Platform Feeder

Clearview to take better pictures of your birds Send pictures to your grandkids, now that our clear roof and lowered feeding tray allows for better viewing. Seed saving plastic coated 1 x 1 inch wire grid stays securely in tray and keeps seed from being scattered. Grid removes easily. Sturdy, eco-friendly…

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Seed Bar Feeder Cage

Seed Bar Feeder Cage

Holds any Heath bird seed bar comfortably! The Seed Bar Feeder Cage is designed to hold any of Heath's quality bird bars. This cage removed the hassle of trying to find a place to hang your bar and keeps it off the ground and away from the squirrels. 7.5 inches high.

Item: S-9

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Droll Yankees...

Droll Yankees Jagunda Feeder & Auger

All-in-one squirrel proof bird feeding! An extra-wide feeding tray does double duty--it's 18-1/2 inches across and acts as a pole mounted squirrel baffle, while giving your birds an expansive area to perch and feed. The tray has drainage holes--water won't collect so the seed stays dry. You can regulate…

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Dura-Trel Heavy Duty...

Dura-Trel Heavy Duty Feeder Post

A heavy duty feeder post built to last This heavy duty post will give you a very sturdy place to to mount a high seed capacity bird feeder. Includes a 4 x 4 x 2 inch wooden mounting block.This post is made with the highest quality vinyl which is easy to maintain and will never fade, crack, or rot. White…

Item: Q11804

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Price: $89.95
Eco Fly-Thru...

Eco Fly-Thru Platform Feeder

…food and shelters your birds from rain, snow or hot sun. Included is our heavy duty pole, #144. This pole holds up to 35 pounds. The pole comes with a strong metal 3-1/4 x 5-1/2" mounting bracket that's easy to attach to the pre-drilled holes in the feeder. A flanged ground socket secures the pole firmly…

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FM Brown Cracked...

FM Brown Cracked Corn, 3 lbs.

…the right size, making it easy for wild birds to eat. These consistently sized pieces are a prized source of essential energy and protein gained from starch and oils.Serve it in a large-holed tube feeder, a hopper feeder, a platform feeder or on the ground. Comes in a 3-pound bag.

Item: 41132-3

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Raised Haven...

Raised Haven Platform Feeder

…. Attract goldfinch, chickadees, titmice, wrens and nuthatch. Our super-resilient, "poly-lumber" ground-feeder lets you give these birds clean, fresh seed on a raised tray. Legs keep seed off the ground. Haven fence comes off for easy cleaning. Dimensions are 13-1/4 x 8 x 12-1/2 tall. The inner seed…

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Price: $59.95
T-Post Mounting...

T-Post Mounting Plate

Mount your bird house on a T-post!Made for bottom-mounting a bird house or bird feeder. Simply attach the T-post mounting plate to the bottom of your feeder or house and then slide the mounting plate over any T-post--those metal posts with tabs that are used for wire or deer fencing. T-posts are an inexpensive…

Item: S6014

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Masterpiece 4 x 4...

Masterpiece 4 x 4 Mounting Post

…space. It has a unique design with no arms or hooks – instead, it includes a plastic wood mounting plate for a feeder, or a bird house to be mounted securely right on top of the pole. Feeder or house must be wider than the 4 x 4 top opening to secure the mounting plate in place. Thanks to the pole’s…

Item: Q4283

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Price: $119.95
Blooming Platform &...

Blooming Platform & Pole

…beautiful birds and flowers come together! Open-tray platform feeders attract a wide variety of birds--and you can serve a wide variety of foods. Offer seeds, suet, fruit or even small containers of grape jelly for your orioles. Our platform comes with a heavy duty pole that includes a twister ground socket…

Item: 4277P

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Price: $149.95
Wild Delight Cracked...

Wild Delight Cracked Corn

…-eating birds to eat – simply add it to any other kind of bird seed that you desire and watch the birds flock to eat it. Uniquely cleaned, it will also attract squirrels if you decide to serve it by itself.Serve it in a large-holed tube feeder, a hopper feeder, a platform feeder or on the ground. Comes…

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