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Metal Fruit Feeder

Metal Fruit Feeder

…varieties of birds with fruit!Place grapes, oranges, apples, even pieces of banana on this simple skewer and attract beautiful fruit eating birds to your yard. Robins, mockingbirds, tanagers, orioles and grosbeaks are a few of the birds that crave a meal of juicy, vitamin-rich fruit. 4 skewers, hand…

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Duncraft EZ Jelly...

Duncraft EZ Jelly Feeder

…the dishwasher. Two plastic cups are able to hold jelly, mealworms or waxworms.And your fruit feeder isn't limited to attracting orioles either, as catbirds, mockingbirds, waxwings and other fruit-eating birds will flock to it!Bright orange, recycled plastic. 8 x 3-3/4 x 6-3/4 inches tall.

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Eco-Strong Fruit...

Eco-Strong Fruit Feeder

Feed fruit, seeds, mealworms or suet This sunny yellow feeder can offer a variety of foods for more varieties of birds. Spear orange or apple halves on each side and fill the tray with the foods birds love. Constructed of strong, clear acrylic and brightly colored recycled plastic—quality materials…

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Copper Oriole Feeder

Copper Oriole Feeder

Copper umbrella shelters bird treats Cute umbrella with a copper finish shelters food from rain and sun. Fruit and jelly stay fresher and your birds have a shady place to feed. Two glass dishes hold grape jelly, mealworms or other treats and two metal scrolls hold fresh orange or apple halves. Invites…

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Spiral Fruit Feeder

Spiral Fruit Feeder

A unique spiral feeder designFill this unique hanging spiral feeder with cut-up fruit – apples and oranges are recommended – and watch birds such as cardinals, orioles and grosbeaks hustle over to feed at it. A small decorative bird dangles from the bottom of the wire spiral, which can be hung from…

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Bird Feeder Station...

Bird Feeder Station Four Hooks

Centralize your feeders in one handy location. Four graceful hooks allow you to hang a seed feeder, a suet feeder, a fruit feeder and even a bird waterer for a complete feeding station. Ground spade holds the pole securely in the soil. The elegant topper makes this pole a decorative accent in any yard…

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Covered Bridge Bird...

Covered Bridge Bird Feeder

…800 covered bridges survive in North America Exquisitely detailed fly-through Covered Bridge Birdfeeder is a tribute to this staple of 19th Century engineering ingenuity. Perfect for any setting, this feeder is constructed of exterior grade ply-board with scroll work trusses supporting a black, pine…

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Copper Oriole Triple...

Copper Oriole Triple Fruit Feeder

Triple the fruit for triple the birds!This beautiful handmade hanging feeder will quickly become a favorite of orioles and other fruit-loving birds. The three feeding stakes allow birds to have plenty of space while they feed, while the built-in hanger means you can hang the feeder just about anywhere…

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Copper Oriole Fruit ...

Copper Oriole Fruit & Jelly Feeder

Enjoy vibrant birds by offering fruit and jellyIt couldn’t be easier to attract birds with combination feeder – simply twist orange halves onto the coils and fill the bright orange scalloped dish with jelly or mealworms. The eye-catching design ensures that the feeder remains an attraction in your…

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Love Birds Apple...

Love Birds Apple Feeder

…skewered on each side. Fruit loving birds such as mockingbirds, orioles, grosbeaks, buntings, catbirds,wrens and waxwings as well as many others enjoy a meal of apples. Some of these birds aren’t attracted to seed feeders, but you can entice them to your yard with apples and other fruit.

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Eco-Strong Fruit &...

Eco-Strong Fruit & Seed Feeder

Feed fruit, seeds, mealworms or suet An Eco-Friendly feeder that can offer a variety of foods for more varieties of birds. Spear orange or apple halves on each side and fill the tray with the foods birds love. Constructed of strong, clear acrylic and beautiful recycled plastic—quality materials that…

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Eco-Friendly Fruit...

Eco-Friendly Fruit Feeder

Attract fruit-loving birds into your yard! Hang this vibrantly-colored feeder and spear apples, oranges, or place a bundle of grapes on the center spike. Birds can feed from four convenient stainless steel perches. Constructed of bright red Eco-friendly recycled plastic that's easy to clean and keeps…

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Copper Heart Fruit...

Copper Heart Fruit Feeder

Attract fruit loving birds such as cardinals, waxwings, orioles, tanagers and others. Skewer a partially peeled whole apple, a suet ball or half an orange to this handcrafted, heart shaped feeder. Made in the U.S. of copper with a built-in hanger. Birds perch on the top of the heart to feed.

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Eco-Oriole Fruit &...

Eco-Oriole Fruit & Jelly Feeder

…orange halves—orioles can’t resist these sweet snacks! Or spike apple halves and fill the cups with mealworms or suet nuggets for other fruit and insect-loving birds such as bluebirds, mockingbirds and robins. Crafted of bright-orange, plastic "wood", a durable and hygienic material that stays beautiful…

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Droll Yankees Fruit...

Droll Yankees Fruit Feeder

How easy! Secure two orange or apple halves or a small bunch of grapes to the two skewers You'll be delighted with the fruit loving birds you'll attract - orioles, mockingbirds, catbirds, grosbeaks, tanagers and more. Bright orange powder-coated metal, includes 18 inch chain with S hook. 4 x 5 inches…

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Aspects Vista Dome...

Aspects Vista Dome Feeder

Perfect for all bird foods. Use this see-through tray feeder to offer mealworms, fruit, Nuggets or seed! It blends in with its surroundings, so all you notice is the flurry of bird activity. Slanted dish sides prevent mealworm travel. Discourage unwelcome guests from feeding by adjusting the distance…

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Love Birds Jelly...

Love Birds Jelly Feeder

Feed grape jelly or mealwormsA Pyrex cup nestled in a dainty heart shape lets you feed orioles and other fruit lovers with their favorite food—grape jelly! Or offer mealworms for your bluebirds or even watermelon pieces for butterflies. Decorated with ruby red dangles, the cup removes for cleaning…

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Fruit Berry Nut Seed...

Fruit Berry Nut Seed Bar

…feeding and long lasting These premium seed bars provide a high energy level and complete nutritional diet bird need! Just unwrap and insert into a feeder, and you're feeding the birds! Our Fruit Berry Nut Seed Bar is made with various Corn, Almonds, Peanuts, Black Oil Sunflower Seed and Striped Sunflower…

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Treehouse Delight...

Treehouse Delight Feeder

bird activity! Feed all the varieties of foods you love to feed on platform feeders, plus fill two glass side jars to offer even more treats. Mix it up with offering seeds, a suet or seed cake broken up, chunks of fruit, Miracle Meal or mealworms to attract beautiful songbirds! Our Eco-friendly feeder

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Eco-Strong PB & J...

Eco-Strong PB & J Feeder

…butter and jelly! Fill the cups with fruit jelly and spread peanut butter or suet on the grooved wall—a variety of birds including woodpeckers won't be able to resist the combination! During the colder weather fill the cups with mealworms, suet pellets, nuggets or bird seed. Crafted of light brown, plastic…

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Double Delight...

Double Delight Oriole Feeder

feeder features two dowel screws on each side to hold orange halves and one removable jar holds jelly or even mealworms or waxworms. Plenty of space to offer the birds a nice variety.And your fruit feeder can attract other birds too, such as catbirds, mockingbirds, waxwings and other fruit-eating birds!…

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Eco-Delight Oriole...

Eco-Delight Oriole Feeder

…weather and lets you see your birds perfectly. Two side mount suet cages hold orange halves and one removable cup holds jelly or even mealworms or waxworms.And your fruit feeder can attract other birds too, such as catbirds, mockingbirds, waxwings and other fruit-eating birds!Bright orange, recycled plastic…

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Oriole Delight...

Oriole Delight Feeder

…plastic, this feeder will last forever and keep its bright orange color--it will never fade, crack or weather and you can even put it in the dishwasher. Two side mounts hold orange halves and one removable jar holds jelly or even mealworms or waxworms.And your fruit feeder can attract other birds too, such…

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Less Mess Fruit N'...

Less Mess Fruit N' Berry

Fruit and berry mix won’t make a mess!Real fruit and premium seeds make this mix extremely attractive to birds – and the best part is, it won’t make a mess! Specially designed to not spill while birds are eating it, the mix is made up of sunflower kernels, safflower seed, peanuts, pumpkin seed…

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Orange Double Jelly...

Orange Double Jelly-Fruit Holder

…Put fruit such as oranges and apples in the coils, then fill the cups with food such as jelly, mealworms, suet or peanuts, and just wait for the birds to flock to your yard. Beautifully designed and vibrantly colored, this is a feeder that you won’t be able to take your eyes off even if birds aren’t…

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Open Air Window...

Open Air Window Platform Feeder

Large platform brings birds to your window!Enjoy your birds from any window in the house. Great for over a kitchen sink, at the breakfast nook or near your favorite chair.Platform feeders are so versatile! Fill the feeder with the foods your birds love--seed blends, fruit, suet cakes, pellets or nuggets…

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Fruit Berry Nut &...

Fruit Berry Nut & Seed Cake

…!Unwrap a seed block and place it on a ground feeder or a platform feeder for an easy-feeding solution. Our nutritious Fruit Berry Nut & Seed Cake includes dried blueberries for birds that enjoy fruit, such as mockingbirds, cardinals, catbirds and others. Birds just love this fruity combination. Also includes…

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Dome-Top Bluebird...

Dome-Top Bluebird Feeder

…attract a variety of birds by feeding mixed seed. There are many different opportunities to attract birds to this feeder. Adjustable top dome is made of heavy duty polycarbonate, it is UV resistant, and keeps large birds and weather out. Large tray holds seed, mealworms, fruit, or suet. Easy to fill…

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Duncraft Extreme...

Duncraft Extreme Window Feeder

…your birds!Our Extra Large Cardinal Classic feeder has lots of floor space and perching room around the edge to accommodate many birds at one time. Constructed of crystal clear acrylic so your view is unobstructed. This big window feeder has room to feed a variety of foods including seeds, fruit, suet…

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12" Window Awning...

12" Window Awning Feeder

See beautiful birds up close with this large window feeder. Birds and seed stay protected from rain and snow under the awning roof. Birds enter through each side or can rest on two included perches.Crystal clear acrylic is easy to clean and won't obstruct your view. The large tray is 1-1/2 inches deep…

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8" Window Awning...

8" Window Awning Feeder

…seedSeeds and birds are protected no matter what the weather. Birds enter the feeder through either side, the overhead awning keeps out rain and snow. Crystal clear acrylic won't obstruct your view of beautiful birds. The tray has 1-1/2 inch high sides, so you can feed seeds, fruit, suet or suet pellets…

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Fruit and Nut...

Fruit and Nut Miracle Meal

Attract more birds with delicious fruit and nuts We’ve taken our exclusive Woodpecker Mix seeds and nuts and blended them with cranberries, cornmeal and high-calorie oils to create this delectable food that appeals to a wide variety of backyard birds. Attracts chickadees, woodpeckers, titmice, mockingbirds…

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