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All Weather Feeder...

All Weather Feeder with Wire Cage

…sleet and feeder-clogging snow—can’t get past the watertight roof and the hopper’s moisture-proof seal. And the seed ports are completely protected under a wide, circular baffle—seed stays dry and flowing, no matter what! Caging keeps out squirrels and larger birds. Disassembles for cleaning.…

Item: 1496C

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Price: $99.95
Mini Bluebird Cage...

Mini Bluebird Cage Feeder

Just for beautiful bluebirds! Our tried-and-true caging system has been redesigned to hold a cup for mealworms. Bluebirds prefer to feed away from more aggressive species and will enter this feeder where they dine in peace. Spring-clip keeps the top securely locked down yet opens easily for filling…

Item: 3083

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Price: $26.95 Sale: $21.56
Duncraft Nyjer...

Duncraft Nyjer Selective Feeder

Dining sanctuary for dainty goldfinches Larger birds can scare away the smaller goldfinch. But this Nyjer Selective caging is designed to offer goldfinches a protected enclosure for dining--while larger birds are blocked out. Overhanging metal roof protects Nyjer seed from weather; eight stainless steel…

Item: 1590

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Price: $59.95 Sale: $49.95
Avian Bird Feeder

Avian Bird Feeder

…time filling The Avian Bird Feeder holds 18 lbs. of pure or mixed seeds. Allows only small birds to feed-the outer cage keeps out gray squirrels and large birds. All-steel upper hopper is vented to keep seed fresh. Six acrylic seed ports with steel perches. Base pulls out for easy cleaning. Hanger included…

Item: 5004

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Price: $119.95
Neat Feeder XL Cage

Neat Feeder XL Cage

for you to serve large blocks of food! Heavy duty, vinyl-coated and made of steel – this hanging block feeder simply couldn’t be any more durable. Designed to hold Mr. Bird large blocks, it also can hold suet or nesting material to attract even more birds. A hanging chain is included with the feeder.…

Item: 804M

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Price: $12.95
All-In-One Station

All-In-One Station

…need to feed the birds!With room for 5 separate feeders, as well as a bird bath and a snack hanger, you’ll never have to worry about attracting enough birds to your yard again. Includes a tray feeder, three tube feeders, a suet cage, a hanger arm for suet balls and a split level bird bath. The station…

Item: 1481

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Price: $59.95
Duncraft Pileated...

Duncraft Pileated Tail Prop Feeder

…location here in Concord inspired us to create this feeder especially for Pileated woodpeckers. Having several Pileateds at her smaller suet feeders, she requested that we make one with a much longer tail prop and more clinging room on the suet cage for these amazing 16 to 19-1/2 inch marvels! When we completed…

Item: 5035

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Price: $39.95 Sale: $29.95
Eco-Delight Oriole...

Eco-Delight Oriole Feeder

A buffet for beautiful, orange orioles! Attract orioles with this bright-orange buffet feeder that gives these beautiful birds lots of room to feed on their favorite foods--oranges and grape jelly! Made with recycled plastic, this feeder will last forever and keep its bright orange color--it will never…

Item: 4239

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Price: $59.95 Sale: $47.96
Droll Yankees Domed...

Droll Yankees Domed Nyjer Feeder

cage removes for easy cleaning Fill with Nyjer seed and attract beautiful finches. Our sheltered feeder is protective and effective. The clear dome on top protects your seed from weather and won’t hide the birds. And the outer cage with its 11 inch diameter keeps out squirrels and prevents large birds

Item: 3202A

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Price: $84.95
Mini Peanut Feeder...

Mini Peanut Feeder Silver

…watching birds scramble around the spiral perch!Instead of having to fly from perch to perch, birds that alight on the unique spiral perch of this feeder can simply walk along it to a different spot. Larger songbirds such as cardinals and grosbeaks can have problems feeding at normal perch tube feeders, but…

Item: 5647

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Price: $19.95
Clinger Suet & Seed...

Clinger Suet & Seed Ball Feeder

Feed your birds a variety of suet balls Fill with suet or seed balls in different flavors and let your birds take their pick! The heavy-duty caging stands up to clinging birds and holds 5 suet balls for continuous feeding. Antique copper-colored roof lifts up for filling. 4 inch hanger, feeder is 10 inches…

Item: 2875

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Price: $15.95
Duncraft Peanut...

Duncraft Peanut Butter Feeder

…butter for your birds. Simply spread plain peanut butter onto the caging on each side and you're ready to hang the feeder. A quick and easy way to feed your birds. Or try Duncraft’s Amazing Peanutty Miracle Meal. It’s delicious peanut and cornmeal formula sticks easily to peanut butter feeders. Red…

Item: 4399

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Sky Cafe Oriole...

Sky Cafe Oriole Feeder

Protected dining for the beautiful orioles!The bright orange dome is a magnet for migrating Orioles and Orioles that are summer residents. The dome also helps protect the jelly, oranges, and meal worms from the rain and sunlight. The cage excludes Robins, Starlings, Blue Jays and other large birds. Orioles can…

Item: AR400R

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Price: $79.95
Heavy-Duty Suet &...

Heavy-Duty Suet & Seed Feeder

…and suet to your birds! This heavy-duty feeder allows you to offer both seed and suet, thanks to its clever design. Two seed towers stand on either side of a suet cake cage, allowing for greater variety in your food offerings and resulting in more birds that will visit the feeder. The heavy-duty construction…

Item: 4604

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Price: $64.95
Sky Cafe Bluebird...

Sky Cafe Bluebird Feeder

…dining for the beautiful bluebirds!Let your bluebirds dine in peace away from more aggressive species such as grackles and robins. This large, blue, Sky Cafe dome covers and protects the caged feeding area so only bluebirds and smaller birds can enter. Also includes a special, removable cup for mealworms…

Item: AR400

Availability: In Stock

Price: $79.95
Eco-Strong Tail Prop...

Eco-Strong Tail Prop Suet Feeder

…feed easily on this extra-long feeder. Handcrafted by Duncraft, with eco-friendly, recycled plastic—a woodpecker’s strong claws and sharp bill can’t damage it, and it never weathers, fades or cracks. Holds two suet cakes and birds can feed from either side of the cage. Brown with a wood-grain finish…

Item: 3010

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Price: $39.95 Sale: $31.96
Clinger Suet & Seed...

Clinger Suet & Seed Ball Package

Feed your birds a variety of suet balls Fill with suet balls in different flavors and let your birds take their pick! The heavy-duty caging stands up to clinging birds and holds 5 suet balls for continuous feeding. Antique copper-colored roof lifts up for filling. 4 inch hanger, feeder is 10 inches…

Item: 2862

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Price: $24.42
11" Heavy-Duty Mixed...

11" Heavy-Duty Mixed Seed

…diameter cage that surrounds this feeder effectively keeps squirrels away from the seed inside, allowing your birds to feed in peace. Even larger birds such as cardinals can feed here, thanks to the seed tray at the bottom. Equipped with an E-Z Clean Snap-Out Base, making cleaning a snap.For hanging only…

Item: 4602

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Price: $79.95
Squirrel Proof...

Squirrel Proof Squirrel-Be-Gone

…the base or one of the perches, his weight causes the outer caging to drop—and chew proof "leaves" cover up the ports. Once the squirrel takes off, the cage springs up and the ports are available for the birds. Springs are adjustable for various weights. Spring loaded cap keeps squirrels out. Six feeding…

Item: 5057

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Price: $34.95
All-Season Suet Pack...

All-Season Suet Pack Sampler

…flavor best suits your birds! Includes 11 Suet Cakes and 1 Suet Feeder. Contains 4 High Energy, 3 Apple Dough and 4 Berry Blast Suet Cakes. This item makes a great gift or gives you the chance to try several different flavors of suet. Best of all-it comes with a free cage feeder. 2 Day Express Shipping…

Item: SCS-1

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Price: $39.95
Squirrel Solutions...

Squirrel Solutions Seed Saver

…birdsThis steel cage is beautifully adorned with decorative leaves around six feeding ports. Weight-activated ports close off seed to squirrels and larger birds. Detachable base works as a funnel to allow for refilling without spilling.Easily dismantle feeder and plastic tube for cleaning. Includes…

Item: 2000

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Price: $49.95

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