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…wonder how many hummingbirds are eating at your feeder each day. Use the gauge on the side of this feeder to count all your visitors.Feeding the birds has never been easier. This hummingbird kit comes with a glass bottle feeder, instant nectar, a port brush to clean the eight bee and wasp-proof…
Price:$32.95 Sale:$29.95
…leak, easy clean feeder in three sizes A feeder that’s easy to fill, easy to clean—in three popular sizes. These lightweight feeders hang anywhere thanks to an attached silver S-hook, the crystal clear plastic bottle has a wide mouth for easy filling and is leak-proof—keeping bees and wasps away…
Hang this feeder anywhere you want to see dazzling hummingbirdsThe bright red color on our Hollyhock feeder lures them to the sweet nectar inside. White and yellow feeding flowers resist bees and the leak-proof construction disassembles completely for cleaning. Wide mouthed bottle is easy to fill.…
All in one protected hummingbird feeding station!This simple easy to fill and clean hummingbird feeder holds 8 ounces of nectar, and is dishwasher safe. The translucent red draws birds naturally and the four feeding ports, which are surrounded by a circular perch, supply lots of room. Constructed…
Attract hummingbirds with an easy to use feeder Leak-proof design, with an eye-catching ruby red top lid. Four feeding ports feature molded plastic flowers, easy for hummers to use. Four small perches encourage hummers to stay and visit. Nectar Guard Tips block bees and flying insects. Built in ant…
hummingbird kit gives you everything you need to get started. You’ll be amazed when your very own backyard will become a tourist spot for traveling hummingbirds. Feeding hummingbirds has never been easier. This kit comes with a glass bottle feeder, instant nectar, a port brush to clean the eight bee
Price:$27.95 Sale:$25.95
Glass-bottle reservoir holds 8 ounces of nectar. High impact, red plastic base comes apart for thorough cleaning and is bee and wasp proof. Metal band holds the glass securely and includes a hanger and perches.